Boys vs Men

Their attraction turned to conversations.

Their conversations turned to glances.

Their glances turned to smiles.

Their smiles turned to closeness.

Their closeness turned to touch.

Their touch turned to warm embraces.

Their warm embraces turned to anticipation.

Their anticipation turned to desire.

Their desire turned to love.

Their love turned to ‘his’ fear.

His fear turned to his flight.

His flight turned to his disappearance.

His disappearance turned to her disgust of men!

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Contents compiled: January 18 2018
Originally published: February 3 2018
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The Real ‘You’



Are like little lies.
Eventually the facade crumbles.

Authenticity is consistent,
It doesn’t waver.
It’s like a breath of fresh air.

I rather love who you are
Than the person
You pretend to be.


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Contents compiled: December 26 2016
Originally published: December 26 2016
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