Image source: Digital Art by Moylom Enterprises
Image source: Digital Art by Moylom Enterprises

You know my every need

You’ve fulfilled my unspoken desires

And disregarded impulsive wants

For you know they profit me only for a moment

But will never satisfy my internal longing for something more


Fill my heart with your love now and always

Radiate your warmth in and around me

Move me to new heights that pull me closer to you

And catch me when I’m falling into bouts of despair


I ache for you to be in my life always

For you are my EVERYTHING!

This poem/prayer was inspired by the Crossword clue: syllable after head or belly (4 letters)  🙂

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It’s just madness!!!

Into the late hours of the night
I usually revel in the silence,
Calling upon my muse
To infuse me with bursts of creativity —
The feeling is usually wonderfully europhic.

But this time, clarity of thought escapes me;
My head nods, my eyes close, my body slumps.
I read the same sentence 7 times,
Forcing the issue,
Hoping to be productive,
But achieving nothing but errors.

So as high achieving as I strive to be
As is the firstborn dilemma,
I must admit that I can only do so much
Before my body rebels
Forcing me to listen
As I’ve ignored it one too many times.

Put down the devices;
Turn off the lights;
There’s no method to the madness,
Nope,  at this point it’s just madness!!! .
It’s time to sleep…

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#More on tagging: #Using Hashtags


Hi guys,
Since I recently shared What WordPress Says About Tagging, I realized there’s the whole other issue of using Hashtags. Most of us are already using them but just in case you aren’t here’s an article I came across which may shed some light on the issue.


The Beginner’s Guide to the Hashtag

Of course,  there are many other such articles out there to help better explain the use of tags and Hashtags to make the blogging process easier. But this is just me sparking a fire in your brain to do more research. ☺

As far as I know,  Hashtags are used on Twitter, so if you use ‘Hashtags’ instead of regular ‘tags’ you’ll position your blog in search engines to attract a twitter following too. But again,  that’s my layperson’s understanding of how Hashtags work. I too will be doing more research as I learn more skills to improve my blogging experience and blogging presence.

Happy blogging everyone. Thanks as always for stopping by and have a great week.


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Thoughts at war


There’s a war between
The mundane and the profound,
Both wanting me to showcase their worth
But neither succeeding
In triggering me to reach for the pen.

Instead, I sit motionless
Entranced by the screen,
Allowing someone else’s thoughts
To fill my head hour after hour.

I am only released from captivity
When sleep overpowers my eyes.
And It is only then,
That the screen ‘understands’
I’ve escaped — temporarily.
But it waits.  Patiently.

Relentlessly I am pursued
By the other two
But the screen relaxes confidently —
It already has me
Its trance overwhelms me.

Minutes turn to hours,
Hours turn to days,
Days turn to weeks.
The other two still at war,
Each side adding soldiers
In hopes of finally winning the battle.

But only time will tell
Which will be victorious
Until then I remain
Enslaved by the screen…

Inspired by my Downtown Abbey addiction which lasted a good 2 months. I am now in withdrawal as I patiently await the day Season 6 is available to stream!


Originally published: October 2015

Contents written: September 17 2015  |  Edited: September 22 2015  |  Copyright 2015 Moylom Enterprises

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7 more things you didn’t know about me


I did one of these a while back called 10 Things you didn’t know about me and it was quite fun.

I’ve shared a lot about myself since 2014 when Inner Ramblings went live but there are many layers to me that only a chosen few will really ever get to see. And if you’ve been paying attention you’d have picked up on a few clues by now. So without further ado let’s jump right in!

#1: I’m claustrophobic.
If there’s no central air, I cannot be in a room that’s completely sealed. I must get fresh air! Even if it’s freezing outside, the windows have to be cracked just a little or else I’m gonna feel as if I’m suffocating. It’s for this reason why I detest cigarette smoke, insence and such things for they take away my fresh air. I do, however, enjoy scented candles and I’m quite grateful for they do make for a nice, romantic or relaxing evening.

#2: I never go out expecting to be fed.
It’s a habit ingrained in me from childhood. My mother always said,

Eat before leaving home or bring snacks just incase because you just never know what could happen!

Perhaps that’s the reason I have a latent fear of being stuck on one of our fabulous #mta trains, with no escape and no food? Or perhaps it’s because I’ve experienced having a thirty minute ride take an hour and a half because of mechanical difficulties or track problems. Trust me, in such cases having a snack came in real handy!

My snack choices of late, have been one of the following: banana, granola bar, fig bar, trail mix, iced coffee, grapes, crackers n cheese, or yogurt. Anything that’s easy to eat without much mess (high protein,  high fiber, low sugar).

#3: I like a clean house.
My home is my bit of oasis in this crazy world. So when I walk in at the end of a long day the last thing I need to see is chaos.
When I leave for work in morning things are neat n tidy which means beds are made, no dishes in the sink, toys are put away and floors are clean. The same goes for bedtime. Even munchkin knows that before lights out all toys must be put away and the sofa cushions must be put back nicely, those are her chores. My tasks are dishes and sweeping the floor. This routine makes mornings a little easier since there’s no scrambling to find things as all items are in there rightful place.

#4: I love peanut butter.
I love, love, love peanut butter! Creamy, crunchy, with jelly, with Nutella, alone on a spoon, with pretzels, with apples, in a sandwich, rolled up in a soft tortilla wrap, in oatmeal, in or with cookies (cutting back on cookies now ), in milkshakes (haven’t had a milkshake in at least a year). Okay, okay, you get the idea. If there is no peanut butter in my house it’s just because we’re taking a short break and you’ll probably see hazelnut spread or hummus around instead.

#5: I love picking wild flowers.
You already know I’m a huge fan of nature as many of my posts have revealed how humbled and amazed I am at how intricately the Creator has designed this world for us to enjoy and to bear witness to His greatness. But what you may not know is that when Spring and Summer arrive, munchkin and I have a weekly ritual of picking wild flowers with which to decorate out little home.

She hasn’t quite grasped the concept of picking flowers with a long enough stem for a vase so most of hers never really make it home because they are too damaged. 😦
But she’ll get the hang of it eventually, sometimes she gets lucky 😀

#6: I’m a big goofball!
I have a quirky sense of humor that I think only a few people understand – – my brother making the top of the list. The one fond memory from my childhood is having family dinner and just hearing my dad tell crazy stories that were so hilarious we could barely finish our meals or we’d sit around the table long after dinner just telling jokes and laughing hysterically. My dad wasn’t a very involved parent in terms of discipline but he was funny.(RIP pop! )

Just to explain how silly I am:
I’ve often wondered if they couldn’t move mornings to a different time of day. Of course that makes no logical sense, but it certainly proves I’m not a morning person. Hey, that’s just me being a big goofball and my brain without caffeine!

I’ve also considered how productive our society would be if the government implemented mandatory nap time at work. Toddlers seem to benefit immensely from a good nap and I know I’m a lot more pleasant when I’ve had one so why not make it mandatory? I’m sure we’d accomplish so much more between 2 and 5pm. Think of how this improved productivity would benefit the economy. Instead of wasting time on social media (like I’m doing right now because my brain has disengaged from work) we would we actually working, I hope, or at least switching back and forth between our social media apps and work with improved efficiency !

I’m also learning to use my humor to diffuse munchkin’s tantrums, and so our co-existence has been very pleasant of late, which has been a very refreshing change of pace given that her terrible twos phase lasted way into year three!

#7: I can’t survive without music.
I like music, all kinds really, but those with a complicated beat or complicated compilation of lyrics are especially pleasing. I call them Ear Candy since I perk up instantly when I hear them especially if I’m wearing headphones to savor all the little details.

Here’s my latest find. It’s all in the timing…

Song #1:


Here’s another one. It’s a longtime favorite. Listen for the bass guitar. He steals the whole show in this number (based on other pieces I’ve heard from this band). If you can’t hear him you’re missing half the song. Enjoy!

Song #2:


This one is all about the beat. It’s busy. Lots going on. Makes me wanna dance. Perhaps you’ll bust a few moves too!

Song #3:


This post was inspired by our nomination for the Versitile Blogger Award by http://wwwpalfitness.wordPress.com. Thank you Paul for thinking of Inner Ramblings. We certainly appreciate the recognition!




To pass along the baton in the tradition of this blogging sport, here are my nominees:


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Dear nominees, should you choose to participate, here are the rules. Click here!

Thanks friends, for stopping by as always. Hope you enjoyed learning more about this quirky gal. Happy Sunday and have a great week.


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Incase you haven’t heard….


Hi folks,

Now that the blog-merge is approaching it’s 3rd week, you’ve no doubt been cruising around to explore the new content. Thank you for taking the time to show your love and support via likes and fabulous comments. We’re so excited to have you visit!

However, please keep in mind that some of our posts have been incorrectly assigned, that is, most have A@moylomenterprises as the author but that’s not always accurate. This is a minor glitch with the transfer of data from Wordsmith Boulevard to Inner Ramblings but it’s fixable. We’re feverishly trying to correct this issue but with so much content it’s a slow process. In the mean time, here’s how to decipher the true author of each post.

A@moylomenterprises (woman):
– #SingleParenting
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– Short stories with relevant music
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– Erotic poetry (very subtle/ PG)

B@moylomenterprises (man):
– #Phone Conversations
– Lyrics
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– Erotic Poetry (explicit/ mature content)

If you’ve read something and you’re still not sure who wrote it, (A can sometimes be edgy while B can at times be emotional) feel free to ask in the comments , it’s really no big deal.☺

Look forward to stopping by all your blogs as well. Have a fantastic day! 🌷

A + B.

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Flashing yellow lights!!!


I try to work out 3 days a week now: Monday and Friday being the constants, since I have no childcare on weekends, and Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday being the variables.

This week, Monday being Martin Luther King Jr holiday, started of with temps in the teens. Daycare was open, the Godsend that they are for working mothers, so I could have easily dropped munchkin off, had a good workout and gone back home to rest or to get a leg up on the pile of paperwork yet to be vanquished! But I couldn’t do it – – I couldn’t in good conscience wake my sleeping child, dress her in a hundred layers of clothes, trek with her in 40mph winds coming in off the waters to take a taxi to daycare (too cold to wait for the bus), just to spend and hour or two at the gym, then do it all again. In my head, no matter how much me time I needed, this didn’t seem like a good trade-off. So I let my munchkin sleep, I called the daycare to let them know we weren’t going to be there, and I leisurely read and did a bit of writing until she woke demanding requesting breakfast.

That day, doggie knew to make haste with her business so we could return to the warmth of our humble abode, and with that I made a big breakfast; I did a few loads of laundry; made a huge pot of lentil soup and proceeded to lounge the rest of the day since outside was certainly not human-friendly!

Tuesday rolled around – – back to school and work but my body was still in lounge mode. We tried to muster the MOJO to make it out of the house at a reasonable hour but we were 30 minutes behind. There was no way I could make it to the gym before work and at my slow pace I played it safe and just went straight to work. I didn’t think I’d have a productive workout anyway. I felt like someone kept hitting snooze and I just couldn’t get in gear.

It’s now Wednesday. Revved up from finally making it through yesterday, I’m felling a little better but not quite back to normal pace. It doesn’t matter really since today, tomorrow and Friday’s schedule won’t allow for time to the gym as I’m working 8hrs shifts instead of 6. So that’s my week! I am reluctantly taking a break and will start fresh next week, hopefully well rested and ready to hit the ground running. But I hear a snow storm is on the way so we’ll see what really happens!

Perhaps this break was all a part of God’s master plan since I’ve been pushing at full steam for weeks now and will be pushing even harder as things are about to get hectic with a mountain of paperwork to compile into reports due by tax deadline (April 15).

I usually skate in at the wire with these reports and it’s perhaps no secret now that high-stress pretty much describes my routine existence. But I’m slowly learning to cut back even if I need to be clobbered over the head by external forces to actually take notice of the ‘flashing yellow lights’ saying, “SLOW DOWN!!!”.

Numbers + Reports + Deadlines = Madness!!!

Yep! It’s all numbers. I hate this aspect if being in business but it must be done.

So if between now and April (Tax time), you notice my posts or reading of yours seem a bit sporadic just know I’m around but just not able to be as committed as normal.

With that said, thanks as always for sticking with me through the good times and bad. The time you take to share your thoughts is appreciated more than you know.

Hope your 2016 is off to a great start. Have a lovely day ☺


[If you need to practice whistling here’s your opportunity!!! Check out this song 😀]




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