Let’s be friends



You chased me.
You made me feel amazing.
You made me think
what we had
was the best you ever had.

I actually thought so too
then you tossed me aside.
Now you want to be friends.
You say I’m your best friend.

You say this is
the best friendship
you ever had.
But how am I
supposed to be friends
with someone who
made me feel used?

This is not a friendship,
I was just a placeholder
for the void you needed filled.
I was just there to give you
what you couldn’t get from her.

This is not fun, it’s pure agony.
It’s time for me to move on.
It’s time for me to realize
you used me.
It’s time for me to admit
you made a fool of me.

It’s time for you to know
what you did is not ok.
It’s time for you to understand
you took advantage
of my brokenness.

You can’t break my heart
then expect me to be smile
at all your little jokes.
This isn’t funny, it’s pure hell.
My broken heart is real.

No, we cannot be friends.




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Originally published: April 30 2017
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My breakup song!

Hey Monday!
I’ve told you time and again that I don’t want to see you anymore, but you keep coming back!
What part of “It’s over!” don’t you understand?


Song: “Ingrid Michaelson – Deaf West Theatre Present “Hell No” – The Official ASL Music Video


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Echoes of Love


Hello friends,

Sometimes only a sad song would do to carry our emotions to their final destination. To give a sense of closure to a relationship that is no more — to allow us room to cry and heal — to help us accept the end.

This song is a recent discovery. It’s sad but beautiful. It was my first time hearing this artist. Perhaps you know their work. Enjoy!


Song: “” Echos of love” by Jesse + Joy

*This is not about me but I’ve certainly been there.

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