This used to be fun


This used to be fun,
now it’s just painful.. .


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Life cycles


Life is cyclical…
Things come then they go.
Such is the case with
Fads, Friends, Money, Love,
Power, Youth, Seasons
And even Life itself!
Patience, courage and hope/faith
Are the tools needed
To see us through
To the next phase/cycle.
There is no need to fight it,
Just embrace the change
And press on…

~ Moylom Enterprises ~

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A dose of reality


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Now that I’m older
I’ve come to realize
That the things
Which mattered at 25
No longer have
The same significance.

I now wonder why
I wasted so much time
On such trivialities?
But then,
How could I have known?

Listening to the voices
Of those who had gone before
Seemed like cheating,
For what good is a life
If not lived firsthand?

So now I’ve learned
That I must hold my tongue,
For advice doled out unrequested
Is often rejected by the young.

For they too must live firsthand
Wasting time on the trivialities
That eventually become
A life well-lived
Hopefully with no regrets.



Originally published: December 2015

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Perspective IS Everything!!!

Originally posted on compassionkindness.com:

Be sure to read all the way to the bottom, you’ll be glad you did!

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Image source: compassionkindness.com

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Originally published August 5 2015

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Created to be magnificent

Dell Sample Photo
Dell Sample Photo

The ability

to see beauty

in the midst of chaos

is the only way

we’ll survive, thrive and blossom,

into the amazing beings

our Creator intended us to be.

~ Moylom Enterprises May 31 2015 ~


*Originally published June 2015

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The Thirst…


In my quest for knowledge I found God.

As I yearned to understand HIM HE blessed me with knowledge.

– Moylom Enterprises

I was raised Christian, specifically, Seventh Day Adventist Christian. But the rules, oh so many rules, made me develop a certain distaste for the entire situation in my teenage years and I eventually stopped going to church after I turned 18. In my early adulthood I didn’t even bother to pray — I figured God, if He was keeping up with my activities, wouldn’t want anything to do with me so I stayed away. Why bother ask HIM for anything, or tell HIM my troubles? Surely, HE had far more important, upright souls more worthy of HIS time than I did! But my spirit was uneasy —  my life, although pretty good, felt a certain amount of emptiness that money, travel, parties, friends, wine, vodka, spas, furnishings and general good times could not and did not fill. I needed something more…

For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? Or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?

– Matt 16:26

In the later part of winter 2012, a horrible tragedy befell me and my family and a series of unfortunate incidents followed at a very rapid pace. Everything I had was gone and I almost died! I went from riches to rags — I felt like Job.

…the LORD gave, and the LORD hath taken away; …

– Job 1:21

In the middle of all the mayhem, I still did not cry out to God. I felt I deserved everything that was happening to me and so I suffered in silence as I accepted what I assumed was my punishment. But when the shock of all the trauma wore off and my brain finally began to process all the events I fell to my knees and cried out to God, not for my sake but for the sake of my then 3 month old daughter. I needed to petition for her because she now had only one parent — me. Seeing the mess I was in made me realize I needed help to be the mother she deserved. All my immediate family were thousands of miles away — we were, for all intents and purposes, alone. Sadly, I still never prayed for myself, but thankfully my mother and aunts petitioned to God on my behalf. They prayed fervently, and I prayed too: to be strong (for her), to be a good example (for her), to make things better (for her), to give her the life she deserved. I left myself without so she could have what she needed to thrive in spite of our circumstances. I did whatever I could for her and slowly things began to change. But sadly my pride never let me pray for myself. I did, however, offer prayers of thanks for God’s blessings, for giving me the strength and will to carry on even on the days when I felt I couldn’t take another step or lift myself out of bed. Then one day, it all seemed to be a bit too much and I asked God why. Even though I thought I knew the answer I needed to ask HIM why all this was happening. And as plain as day I heard a voice say, “I have a job for you to do”.

To this day I’m not quite sure what my assignment is, but from that moment on I began to pray for myself. If God needed to use me for something I needed to develop a relationship with HIM. I needed to let HIM in. I needed HIM to repair my broken soul. I also began to read the bible (from the beginning). I felt that if I wasn’t going to church I should at least get to know God for myself, for how else would I know what HE expected of me if I didn’t do research on HIS ‘organization’ and its mode of operation? Just like a prospective applicant would do when applying for employment.

The more I studied, the more I understood how to be a better person. And slowly things have started to fall into place. My faith has been strengthened, my perspective is different, my will to go on is now two-fold — for HIM and for her. I no longer feel defeated for even on the days I fall HE is right beside me with outstretched arms to help me up. I AM NO LONGER ALONE. I no longer chase after the riches the world has to offer since true happiness only comes when we hunger and thirst after God.

But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and HIS righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

– Matt 6:33

I get it now!!!!


*Originally published January 2015

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How dare you call me that?

“You see ma’am, you’re 40, and at that age we need to do things a little differently!”

That was the doctor explaining to me that I needed medication to help shrink the alien monsters that have been growing in my body the past few years.

I was in full agreement with her theory but got stuck at the fact that someone just told me I was 40. When did I become 40? When did I go from being called miss to ma’am? In all fairness, she was reading my age off my chart, but in retrospect it would have been nice to have been told I didn’t look my age!

I spent many years being 25 since I refused, back then, to become 30. But when it was quite obvious that no-one thought I was really 25 anymore, I maintained the age of 30 for a good five years. The same was the case for my 35th mile marker, and when my eldest told me I didn’t look 40 at all, I quietly resolved to continue being 35 for at the very least, another 5 years.

Now, as I am forced to reevaluate my strategy, I have washed my hair and divided it into 2 ponytails – highly inappropriate for a 40 year old but I don’t care! Tonight I will revisit my youth as I stare in the mirror in search of the miss I once knew in hopes that the ma’am will take a brief leave of absence. I say brief because I remember all too well the distress I felt in my younger days as I tried to find my place in the world, to be accepted, to feel loved, to achieve my goals, just searching… But the person I am now has found peace, has purpose, is not afraid to be single and yet has found love that is the best of them all. I’ve stopped searching for acceptance, for meaning, for validity, since I have all those things now in the arms of Jesus.

So as I mourn the passing of my old life, I sheepishly accept the new one waiting ahead and am grateful to be blessed to see another day.

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