Short Stories

Cut it open


He emerged from the restroom
With a confused look on his face.
In one had he held his toothbrush
In the other the toothpaste.

Why don’t you squeeze the toothpaste
From the bottom?
As organized as you are
I expected to see
an impeccably squeezed toothpaste!!!

Baffled, I reminded myself
That he was my cousin
And not my husband.
I consoled myself with the fact
It was my house, he being the guest,
Then promptly informed him,

It doesn’t matter how I squeeze it
Not a drop is wasted
Because I will cut it open.

He returned to the restroom
Beaming from ear to ear
And nodding with approval.

I had once again returned to my
Cherished pedestal
And his favorite  cousin
His faith in me was restored.

And then we laughed…

Image source: Google images
Contents written: June 1 2016
Originally published: June 2016
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