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He’s a good father…


Day is dawning,
And as my body wakes
To its normal rhythm
Minus the alarm,
I’m blessed with the ability
To feel my limbs moving,
To rise and trek to the beat
Of little ones at my feet
Asking to be nourished and loved.

I’m even more blessed that,
Though my morsels
Are not abundant,
They are still sufficient
For you, my Father,
Always provides.
I’m always in awe
Of how dramatic
Your demonstrations
Of love can be.

And as I seek too
Seek to be fed,
I’m reminded to not
Take Your love for granted,
For You alone
Can love me perfectly.
You nourish my mind,
Body and soul,
In moments
Which are exactly right for me.

Your timing is perfect
And forces me
To practice patience.
You’re a good father,
You are perfect
In all of Your ways
And I’m blessed
To be loved by you.

Thank you…



Song: “Good Good Father [Lyrics] – Chris Tomlin”


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Contents written: October 15 2016
Originally published: October 15 2016
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