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A little bit of Julio

Hi guys!
Hope you’re having a great day.
I played a song by Enrique Iglesias yesterday which was super fun. But every time I ‘love me some Enrique’, fans of his dad Julio compare the two.

For me they are both ‘to die for’ so I won’t ever compare Enrique to his papa because I think he’s doing a great job making his own name.

So for all you Julio Iglesias fans, this one’s for you. Enjoy! 🌷



Song: “All of You ~ Julio Iglesias & Diana Ross


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Four minutes thirty seconds



Drowning out the noises
of the outside world,
her headphones are
the portal to another place.

She wants to hear every detail
of the song playing in her ear —
every chord,  every beat, 
every unique  compilation.

She soaks it all in.
The rhythm moves her.
She’s entranced by the visions 
as the story unfolds.

She’s in a happy place,
but in four minutes thirty seconds,
she’s back to her reality, 
the song is over and life goes on, 


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10 things you didn’t know about me


I’ve got a thing for drums.  No I don’t know how to play them beyond a basic rhythm but I am in awe of those who can. Oh please, “awe” is putting it mildly, it’s more of a super crush!!!  Talent envy to be more precise,  but I get gaga all the same.  And if a hear a bit of music that has a complicated drumbeat then by all means it will be one of my favorites. Here are a few examples (listen with headphones to hear the details — close your eyes too):


# 2

I’ve never been to or shopped from Ikea. Gasp! It’s sort of a ‘thing to do’ in these here parts and though I’ve moved several times, leaving items behind each time, I’ve never shopped from there. Every starter apartment you visit in this area has a few or at least one item from Ikea. Even if it wasn’t purchased personally,  a friend might have passed it on once they’ve graduated to a more settled lifestyle preferring instead pieces that can stand up to the test of time. (And perhaps toddlers).  I must confess that I once inherited a few pieces from a next door neighbor who needed to move unexpectedly due to a job opening overseas. Those pieces are in someone else’s hands now as I too had to move unexpectedly a few years later,  and so the story goes…


I’m dyslexic! I think my case is mild, but it still trips me up in the following ways:

Issue 1: I skip words while reading which means by the end of the sentence my brain knows something doesn’t make sense so I have to reread to get it right.

Issue 2: I spell words incorrectly because the brain switches letters around.  For instance,  I am often unsure about words that end in le vs el.  Or I can mean to write p but write b instead — this one mostly happens if I’m writing by hand. Then there are times perfectly spelled words seem strange to my eyes. Thank goodness for spellcheck.

Issue 3: Not seeing mistakes in my writing immediately since my brain knows what the sentence should say and inserts the words as I read even if they aren’t actually there. Hence the reason I have several posts in draft at a time and as I work on one,  I must leave it alone for a few days,  then work on something else,  to give my brain time to forget so I can see it with fresh eyes when I resume.

All these issues make for very slow reading but I still love to read (and write),  it just means I’ll take twice as long. Sigh…The thing is,  I was not aware there was a name for my problem until early adulthood when I moved from the Caribbean to the States,  but I’m glad I now know what it is and have since developed many workarounds to move ahead in spite of it.

Miraculously, I’ve always  been a successful student in all my school life so I know dyslexia isn’t the end of the world,  I just need to take a different route to get to my destination.


I’ve just started watching Downton Abbey. Yes I know,  I know, I’m late to the game but I can now binge watch at my own pace than wait week after week to have an episode air. This method eliminates the need to subscribe to cable which can be costly these days, and it also eliminates the need to be tethered to the TV. I can stream and watch on my smart phone/tablet from the comfort of my bed with headphones  in the wee hours when all the house is quiet and I have the night all to myself.

I’ve made it to season 4 in only three weeks thanks to my Unplanned Stay-cation and then the long holiday weekend (labor day 2015), and finally finished season 5 last weekend by squeezing in that one extra episode before I sleep knowing fully well I shouldn’t and will feel like crap at work in the hours to follow. But who can resist such juicy entertainment???  I now know all the characters and have discovered which are my favorites and have also determined that the antagonists are simply misunderstood in need of a little love and affections. Oh geez, how sappy am I???  I AM addicted! I eagerly anticipate the release of Season 6 as it’s not ready to be streamed yet. Don’t you just hate when that happens? Oh well, wait I must…


I’ve  lived  in NYC for 21 yrs and have yet to do all the tourist things like visit the Empire state building,  Statue of liberty, Governor’s island,  etc. Although I have visited Coney Island and had the famous Nathan’s hot dogs — yum! Perhaps munchkin and I can be travel buddies when she’s a little older (as long as she’s not too embarrassed to be seen around town with mama). Ahh, fun awaits!


I love to dance and have been known to tear up the dance floor from time to time when properly motivated (by good friends and strong drink). Haven’t been on a night out since munchkin came along but have had a few moments home alone when I’ve busted out a few moves when one of my favorite songs came on. 🙂

I miss those nights out on the town with my friends but we’ve all move on to bigger and better things so I can only look back fondly at the memories now. Good times…


I’m a bit OCD. I like things clean, neat and organized. It’s how my brain works — I can’t function well in clutter and it’s as a result of my OCD my business was born 17.5 yrs ago ( I may write a post on that one day).


I’m big on recycling/Reusing/Repurposing. Call it what you want but that’s my thing.  I often guilty of buying items that come in attractive containers or jars just so I can reuse afterwards.

My recycling habits even go as far as composting and I’m also notorious about not wasting food so much so that my little one now knows if she can’t finish what’s on her plate to ask me to save it for later! 🙂 Just doing my part to make the world a better place.


I’m a chronic night owl. I can easily sleep all day and stay up all night long much to my mother’s disapproval. I can hear her now going on and on about serotonin depletion, cortisol levels, weight gain, and elevated stress levels all due to lack of adequate sleep. But she’s a morning person by nature and so she clearly doesn’t understand us night owls! Yes, I do admit that I feel awesome when I’ve had a good night’s rest but that is a rare occurrence for me as I usually function on 4 to 6 hours of sleep daily thanks to my insane schedule/workload. But if it’s any consolation to my dear mom I am an expert at napping so to me it’s all good (but I have a feeling mom’s not convinced).


I put Ranch salad dressing on everything! On salads (of course) but it doesn’t stop there. I like it on rice, pasta, sandwiches (instead of mayo), mixed in with ketchup and BBQ sauce to make special sauce for chicken or a tangy sauce for fish with a squeeze of lemon. My eldest kid thinks I’m weird and as a result If he sees me with the bottle of dressing, he promptly examines my food for any sign of salad and if nothing green or leafy exists, he does not hesitate to inform me that my meal is NOT a salad! It’s a running gag at my house. I got him to try it once on one of my rice dishes, but he wasn’t impressed. I guess he just doesn’t appreciate Ranch Dressing as much as I do so boohoo to him. 🙂

This post was inspired by our nomination for the Creative Blogger Award by Thank you Jane for thinking of our blog. We certainly appreciate the recognition!

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Note: I usually create our own award images but felt especially lazy this time around so forgive me burrowing the above from Google. Perhaps I’ll get around to updating it later…

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Music is Oxygen

Save this dance for me…

Learned of the passing of Leonard Cohen yesterday, and though his name is vaguely familiar, I believe my mom would know more about him than I would. May he rest in peace.

As I played a few if his songs, I stumbled on the one below and wanted to share it with all of you. Enjoy! 🌷



Song: “Leonard Cohen – Dance Me to the End of Love


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Good morning, Friday, I’ve missed you!

Hello lovely people!
Hope you woke up with a smile on your face. There’s lots to be thankful for, but if you need inspiration here are a few examples:
You’re alive.
God woke you up to a new day. That’s a fresh start — a new chance to make a difference — a gift!

God loves you, you’re His child! You are beautifully and wonderfully made — You are unique! Hey, that’s another gift!

It’s Friday. Fridays rock!!! Why? Because we work all week but look forward to the weekend. Friday signifies the start of the weekend. Yay!!! Yep, another gift!

Can you see now how special you are? You have all these gifts lined up and available on a daily basis. Just reach out and accept them.

Wishing you all a happy Friday! The following song will definitely put a pep in your step. Enjoy 🌷




Song: “Mandisa: Good Morning – Official Lyric Video”


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Fridays Rock!!!!

Happy Friday guys!

Are you working hard or hardly working?
Here’s a fun song to help you move your body so everyone will ‘think’ you’re hard at work. Enjoy!! ☺



Song: “Falco – Rock Me Amadeus (with lyrics)”


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