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It’s all good…

I woke up to the sound of paper shredding. It came from the vicinity of my desk. Was it my tax papers? Oh the horror! I flew out of bed to see that my daughter had woken up from her nap and was quietly entertaining herself and the dog with paper. Not coloring. Not drawing. Just shredding!

Upon further investigation, it turned out she’d been shredding a parenting magazine I’d meaning to read at some point, just not sure when.


I’d picked it up on Friday to help keep her entertained at work with me, but after she glanced through it a couple times she said to me, “Mommy, I don’t like this book!” At best, I was just hoping she’d like looking at the pictures then tell me all about it, but she was convinced she didn’t like it. So I’m guessing that’s the reason for the complete destruction of said magazine before I’d had my turn. Oh well,  I’m just glad it’s not my tax papers!  I’ve pulled a couple all-nighters getting those cursed documents ready and to have to redo them at this point would cause me severe mental injury as I would undoubtedly be found in a corner of the house banging my head against the wall. Wouldn’t be a pretty sight!

When I asked munchkin why she’d shredded the magazine, she explained that the doggy was sad and she wanted to make her feel better. Okay, at least she had the best of intentions at heart, but the end result left quite a mess and I’m not so sure doggy was as cheered up as munchkin had intended. To be quite honest doggy seemed quite distressed as she sat in the midst of all the mayhem. I am so amazed at how patient she is with munchkin at times. She just allows her to do all manner of evil to her without a single fuss.

On a few occasions I discovered munchkin had colored the dog with her markers; dumped food on her back; covered her with blankets; decorated her with various hat and scarf ensembles; pulled her by the tail; sat on her; and on and on. Sometimes I feel sorry for the dog, but then I remember all the times munchkin is at the dinner table trying to eat and doggy is front and center trying to get scraps or just drooling in hopes of being fed. Or the other times when they both want my attention and doggy literally bumps her out of the way since she has a 30 lb advantage; then I think, “Ahh, Karma!”

When all is said and done, they love each other to pieces, and just like siblings, they play and fight and make up – they are best friends! They are also my darlings for better or worse, richer or poorer, sickness or health, ‘til death do us part! It’s all good…

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The things kids say…

A few days ago my daughter heard a dog barking. Curious to see what all the noise was about,  she went to the window to investigate.  I had pushed the window way up high past the bug screen since the heat was coming up really strong that day and the house was rather hot,  so she was able to stick her little hands above the screen out into the dark night while still being protected by the window guards.

As she continued to investigate the barking dog she held a couple of her Dora toys out the window and said,

“Doggy, stop that barking. Here, say hello to my little friend! ”

I chuckled silently for I knew those words,  even though said from the most innocent of places, a child’s heart, had a very different meaning to most people familiar with the movie Scarface.  And even if you’ve never seen or heard of that movie,  just those few lines taken from the movie have a life of their own and are known around the world.

I am constantly amazed at the ‘things kids say’, but alas, I hope she doesn’t take that line to school, for her teachers may be wondering what I allow her to watch on TV and I may have some explaining to do. (For the record,  I have not watched that move in many, many years and it’s certainly not one I would watch in her presence).

Nevertheless, I love that she simply wanted to calm the dog even if that was the only way she could think of at the time. Perhaps it came from the love she has for her own pooch, which she loving refers to as her sister or best friend.  I’m glad she has had the opportunity to have a pet as part of the family – – we all are. Our hearts are bigger and better as a result.

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