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Farewell uncle



He died at the age of 96.
Mother said he had all his faculties in tact.
He could recall stories from years ago.
Funny, I can’t even remember what I did yesterday!

Though I know of him as family,
I struggle to remember what he looks like.
I’ve been gone from my hometown 20 yrs,
I don’t know if I’ll ever return.

They’re planning his funeral.
I will not be there to say goodbye.
So farewell uncle Mano.
Rest in peace.


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Short Stories

Why we repeat history…

Why do we repeat our past? Is it because we did not learn the lessons we were meant to learn from our trials and experiences? Or is it because we somehow forgot those lessons learned? What ever the reason, we tend to revisit our past to find answers, to gain perspective, to see where we were and to decipher how far we’ve come. If, however, we thought we were moving forward only to discover we’ve gone full circle and ended up right back where we started, then it may be time to take a closer look at the steps we took and perhaps try a different path.

Granted that during our analysis we sometimes find patterns and similarities that are downright astounding, often we have to go back and analyze before we can fully appreciate or understand how to move forward. In the past, we may have dismissed an event as simply a coincidence. But under careful scrutiny we may discover that several similar incidents have occurred. So was it actually just happenstance or a subconscious choice we made based on some truth we unknowingly seek?

A person with unresolved issues with his/her parent may unknowingly choose a mate with many of the characteristics as that parent and attempt to make that relationship work as a way of correcting the parent-child dysfunction of the past. But often enough the relationship doesn’t work because the person is faced with the same series of problems with no clue of how or why things are going wrong or how to fix things. One solution would be to simply dismiss it as bad luck and plow ahead to the next relationship in hopes that new one would work. Others may say, let the past remain in the past and happily leave their baggage locked away. But my obsessive, compulsive, detail-oriented need-to-know nature is forcing me to deal with this head on — to go back to the source, the parent, to try to find resolution there. Or if complete resolution cannot be found, then at least the healing process would have begun. The hardest part is taking the first step back to a painful period but as hard as it is sometimes it has to be done.

I am at that point now! I don’t know what to say, I don’t know how to start, I don’t know if this time my voice would be heard and I don’t know if going back will actually help or if it can somehow make things worse. Should I write a letter? Should I call? Should I meet in person? I don’t yet have the answers to any of these questions but I do know that I’ve procrastinated about this for years and now I don’t think I can put this off any longer. My only wish is that God put the right words in my mouth and speak on my behalf. I NEED to heal…I NEED to break free of this burden…I NEED to move forward for myself and for my sanity.

A good friend said to me recently, that our past comes back to haunt us when there is unfinished business to be resolved — kind of like ghosts in horror movies. He may have a point! Without closure the ghost of unresolved issues will continue to haunt my soul.

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The things that hurt —
The things we want to say
But know we can’t, 
For those to whom
We must tell these things,
Will most likely not want
To hear our words.
So we hold our tongues,
Pretend all is well,
And try to live normal lives
All while keeping these things buried.

But our journals know;
Strangers know too!
For should we not speak these things at all
Their potent presence in our souls
Would cause them to erupt
At moments least expected.
So speak we must
Before these things consume us
But not to the ones
To whom they pertain,
For to them these things
Will open old wounds
So perhaps they must indeed stay buried.


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Short Stories

I laughed til I cried…


A few weeks ago, I spent the weekend catching up with family and friends. We are now scattered all over the globe and thanks to technology, when it works, keeping tabs is effortless. We shared many laughs,  a few horror stories,  cute pictures and of course well wishes.

The one underlying theme of all our conversations was,  had we not had the gift of laughter,  we would have no other option but to cry miserably for our trials would overwhelm us beyond measure.

In life,  after joy comes sorrow, but then,  by blessings from our loving God,  we laugh again. He knew we would need some form of solace — something to make things not seem so bad — so He gave us laughter. Of course, He blessed us with many other distractions and forms of comfort too, but laughter, oh what good medicine it is for our souls!

I attended a funeral on March 7th. It was for a great aunt I never knew. My being there was an act of moral support for my aunt, my dad’s sister, with whom I reconnected at the time of dad’s passing 3 yrs ago. Isn’t it funny how a funeral can also be an unofficial family reunion? Well this one was no different. Though brief, as we were all rushed to get home after a very long day, I exchanged many hugs with aunties and cousins I hadn’t seen in over 20 yrs. It’s safe to say this one event has bridged many many gaps left open for a long time, and since then we’re all making an effort to stay in touch. Sweet!

The funeral service was well attended and though it was a time for saying goodbye to our loved one, hearing tales of the woman they knew, told with a touch of humor, made the process less harsh, even pleasant. Yes, there were tears, many many tears, but there was also laughter to help soothe the pain.

I spent the rest of that week reflecting on my dad as the anniversary of his passing was fast approaching. Then I chuckled, as I always do when I think of the timing, April 1st being April Fool’s Day!!! Haha, dad always had a sense of humor. As a matter of fact, my brother and I thought it was a prank when we got the news of his death. But alas, it was no joke! Pop left us that day, and though our relationship was strained at times, I do have fond memories of laughter with him — Slap your knee, head back, from the belly, til you’re giddy, tears streaming down your face, rolling on the floor laughter. (RIP pop: Dec 19 1940 —April 1 2013)

So here are a few images I came across while writing this post which made me laugh hysterically. I needed to laugh in memory of dad. Though I am sad, I didn’t want to cry. So, here’s hoping you get a few chuckles too. Enjoy!








Thanks as always for stopping by. Take time to keep in touch with your loved ones, today and always, for you never know when they’ll be gone. Don’t forget to share a smile too. (^_^)

A. 🌷

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If you had to list the five most important things in your life, what would those things be?

Sometimes, taking a moment to put things in perspective makes us realize what really matters in this life. Are your priorities in the right place?

These are questions I’ve been asking myself lately as I make a major shift in my life. Scary decisions need to be made, and I must admit I don’t have all the answers, but I’m trusting God to see me through this and calling this venture a ‘Faith Mission’.

Here’s my list of priorities these days:
1. God
2. Family
3. Safety
4. Financial security
5. Love

What’s on your list?

Thanks as always for stopping by.



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Finding a home…


Birds have means
To take flight
Free to roam
Wherever they choose.

Yet, they stay tethered
To specific places or areas
As if to set down roots
Seeking a sense of belonging.

The feeling of being wanted
Having a place to call home —
Apparently they seek it too,
Even if it’s seasonal.

We all want such a place,
Somewhere to go to recharge
When the world has done us wrong.

But what if where you live
Does not feel like home?
What if when you retreat into your cave
It does not bring you comfort?

What if you long
For a place to call home,
A place to feel safe
But never actually find it?

Then I guess
The only choice one has
It to make a home
Where ever you are —

A temporary haven of sorts.
A coffee shop, a bookstore,
A favorite spot at the park,
Anywhere to savor a few moments alone.

It may not be much
But if it’s special
Then it’s a start.
Life is not perfect!

If we take a moment
We can find a bit of beauty
In the midst of all the chaos.
Even if it’s just for a little while.

If you have your dream home,
Cherish it, for its a gift.
Peace be with you,
As you journey home.


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Short Stories

Cut it open


He emerged from the restroom
With a confused look on his face.
In one had he held his toothbrush
In the other the toothpaste.

Why don’t you squeeze the toothpaste
From the bottom?
As organized as you are
I expected to see
an impeccably squeezed toothpaste!!!

Baffled, I reminded myself
That he was my cousin
And not my husband.
I consoled myself with the fact
It was my house, he being the guest,
Then promptly informed him,

It doesn’t matter how I squeeze it
Not a drop is wasted
Because I will cut it open.

He returned to the restroom
Beaming from ear to ear
And nodding with approval.

I had once again returned to my
Cherished pedestal
And his favorite  cousin
His faith in me was restored.

And then we laughed…

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