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“Their Story”: The Prequel

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Her heart’s desire… (Before they met)

Push me
Out of my comfort zone
So I may broaden my horizons,
And aspire to great things with you.

Thrill me
With laughter, intrigue, and wisdom
So we may share in all the fun
Two hearts can find together.

Woo me
With your kindness, love,
Sincerity, and loyalty
So we may grow old together
In our own ‘happily ever after’.

Encourage me
To seek God first
Before all else
So He may guide
Our paths in unison.

Challenge me
To be healthy, to be frugal,
To be open, to be me.
So we may age gracefully,
Happily,  two minds as one.

Adore me
Everyday, in ways
That always surprise me
For my eyes and heart
Will only be for you.

Inspire me
To pursue my dreams,
To have an opinion, to be unique
For my independent spirit
Needs room to fly,
But I will always return to you.

Converse with me
About your hopes, your dreams,
Your interests,  your worries.
You will have my ear, my shoulder,
My advice, my inspiration,
My encouragement, my adoration,
My laughter, my love, my heart…

Hold with care
My hand, my heart,
My body, my soul
And cherish them always!

[This is the Prequel: Part 1 to the series entitled “Their Story”. See Prequel: Part 2 below or Start “Their Story” from the beginning]

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How they met 

It was a Sunday.
She was sitting outside
enjoying the remnants
of a lovely summer-like day in early Fall.
Her head was down, buried in her phone,
Avoiding eye-contact, behind her sunglasses.
It was a routine she’d mastered well —
It kept many away.
And those who dared to gain entry
Were usually ‘shot down’ on the spot.
Because “Love” was not her friend.

Love was the enemy!
She had no control over it.
It controlled her.
It was never where she expected it to be
And every time she found it
She ended up hurt as a result.
She had given up on the whole concept.
She concluded it was evil
And decided to keep her distance.

He came along her blindside.
She had no time to prepare
a defense maneuver.
He approached and crossed several barriers
in a few short steps:
– He addressed her directly and confidently
– He invited her out
– He engaged her in very intelligent conversation;
– He wasn’t afraid of her bodyguard dog.

She was impressed but still skeptical.
She relentlessly tried to discourage his advances
For she knew her past would be hard to accept
But he was steadfast
(And delightfully cute).
He saw past her pain
And caught a glimpse of her soul —
He wanted to see her again.

Immersed in deep conversation
They could have gone on effortless for hours
Unfortunately he had to leave,
But before he did
He bestowed upon her and
Her family a special wish,
Then he said goodbye.

Unsure if she’d ever see him again,
(Dating can be such a cruel game to some)
She pondered his words
Along with the fact
That he found a way
To get inside her space —
Her bubble of safety —
Which could sometimes be a bit lonely.

She didn’t think she had much to offer
Given her situation
And she’d told him so.
She’d had a tough life,
Which made her outwardly strong
But broken inside, jaded, skeptical
And a little less hopeful,
But he didn’t care!

So this is me.
Take me as I am
And I’ll do the same but
Proceed at your own risk!

Those were her words to him and so began “Their Story”…

[This is the Prequel: Part 2 of a series entitled “Their Story”. Stay tuned for a spin-off series or Start from the beginning]


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