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New Artwork & Fashion: Flower Power 15

As winter creeps in, the days get shorter and we spend more days without natural sunlight. Here’s an opportunity to brighten up those dark winter days with bright, colorful prints! Visit our store to see the entire collection – Flower Power 15.

Contents compiled: November 26 2019
Originally published: November 26 2019
Artwork source: Moylom Art Studio
Video source: TikTok
Copyright © 2019 Moylom Art Studio




She pulls us in,
Enticing, alluring, daring us
To Simply reach out and touch

Her beauty,
It’s nothing like we’ve ever seen.
Blooming, blushing, unfolding to us
Her hidden gems within…

She glows bright.
Warm, sweet, passionate, comforting,
Oh how she delights when we are close…

She releases her potent fragrances
Just to watch us melt
Captured, entangled, helplessly in love…

We move closer,
We can’t help it.
We gaze, we smell, we reach, we touch
Then bring a bit of her back with us…


Contents written: March 31 2016 | Originally published: April 4 2016  |  Copyright ©2016 Moylom Enterprises