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I have a 4 yr old and she’s a picky eater. Needless to say, I’m always searching for new food ideas we can both try and hopefully love. I’ve even gone as far as to institute ‘Fun Food Weekend’ at my house, which means she has to try a new food when it’s the weekend. During the week she can stick to the things she likes (because quite frankly, I don’t have the time or energy to fight with her over food), but come weekends we experiment! So far my new strategy has been working well and she is putting up less of a fight. Yay!!!

I always enjoy reading Jack’s ‘Food on Friday’ posts, because I get many great ideas for new foods and I’m sure you’d love to get in on the action too. So that’s enough chatter from me, let’s jump into his selections for this week. Enjoy! 🌷

August 28 2016


Don’t get me wrong, I like California, but sometimes the food there owes a lot to everywhere else.  So, for this week’s Food on Friday I’ve tried to come up with some dishes that I think would go down well with my friend, ‘the girl riding shotgun’ and especially dishes that aren’t so Mexican or Spanish in flavour.

No, that didn’t make much sense to me either.  But here are some great recipes from some great cooks.

First up this week, from we have this hoisin salmon with zucchini slaw from Tieghan Gerard at Half Baked Harvest.


Hoisin Salmon With Zucchini Slaw

Also from Tieghan there’s this great looking heirloom tomato and zucchini galette with honey and thyme.


Heirloom Tomato Galette With Honey & Thyme

Heather Christo makes the very best looking salads of all, and this grilled chicken, beet and cherry salad with honey balsamic dressing is no…

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single parenting

Weekend breakfast

Sometimes I wake up in the mood for a fancy breakfast then pause when I realize I’m the only one capable of making it. Sigh…

So I close my eyes, deliberate the ‘actual’ importance of breakfast at that particular hour, daydream of having a Butler, then succumb to the 159 requests to be fed by my annoying wonderful 5 year old!

Truth be told, my breakfast wasn’t lofty. Just eggs n toast; coffee for me and chocolate milk for the kid. It would be nice to have someone else cater to my desires for once but hey, that’s another story a.k.a fairytale.

Later on that day I tossed together a little gem I hadn’t made in a while. My 5 yr old hates it so it was mine ALL mine! I call it ‘banana surprise’ but perhaps you call it by a different name.

– 1 banana
– 1 or 2 tablespoons Peanut Butter
– 1 large whole wheat tortilla (or 2 medium)
– chocolate syrup or Nutella or honey

1. Place tortilla(s) on a dish
2. Spread peanut butter all over the tortilla (spread Nutella also if no chocolate syrup or honey)
3. Peel and slice banana
4. Place banana slices on tortilla(s)
5. Drizzle chocolate syrup or honey over banana slices
6. Fold tortilla(s)
7. Drizzle more chocolate syrup (or honey) outside.
8. Enjoy warm, room temperature or chilled for a few minutes.

This is also fun with pancakes. ☺

The following images are different variations of the recipe above. I didn’t think to take pictures of mine so enjoy some I found on Google.






So what did you have for breakfast over the weekend?

What do you consider a lofty breakfast?

What other fun foods did you eat?

Have you ever tried any version of my ‘Banana Surprise’?

Thanks for stopping by. Happy January!


☺ 🌷


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In the olden days
We had four distinct seasons
Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall.
But of late, it seems
Our seasons no longer
Slide gracefully one into the next,
Instead they seem to be
Slowly merging into just two,
Winter and Summer.

As my confused body
Tries to make sense
Of these confounded shenanigans,
I find myself grazing profusely,
And quite unusually,
As though I were
Preparing for hibernation.

Why else would I be
So darn hungry all the time?
So don’t be surprised
If you don’t hear from me
For a few months.
It would be because
I’ve crawled into my cave
In anticipation of
A very long winter ahead.


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Food Quiz: Answers and winners



Hello all,
Yesterday’s Food Quiz asked,
What’s the one condiment I put on just about everything that makes my son cringe?

Quiz answers:
My eldest thinks I’m weird because I put Ranch salad dressing on everything. Of course I use it on my salad, but here are a few other ways I get creative:
– I use it instead of mayonnaise on sandwiches.
– I use it as dipping sauce for chicken wings, nuggets, raw or steamed veges.
– I drizzle a little over rice or pasta.
– I even mix it with other condiments to make my own unique dressing, dip or sauce.

Bottom line, as long as it tastes good it works for me! ☺

Thanks to those of you who played along this week, it’s been fun interacting with all of you. Stay tuned for a new quiz next week!

Here are the quiz winners:

1. Wendy over at


3. Isabelle over at

4. Squid over at

You lovely winners have all secured 2 spots each to showcase your work in my weekend blog schedule aka ‘Showcase Reblog’.

As I browse your individual blogs for items to reblog, this gives me the opportunity to spend some special time getting to know you.

If you’re new to Inner Ramblings Boulevard, welcome and congratulations on scoring a ‘showcase reblog’ so soon. If you’re a loyal follower congrats! You may have already scored a ‘showcase reblog’ or I have you in my upcoming calendar (our surprise to you), but today’s win does not affect any pre-planned ‘showcase reblogs’ for you. Yay!!!!

Thank you all for stopping by, without you there would be no us and for this we are sincerely grateful.

Best wishes and big hugs.



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Food Quiz

Google images


There’s a running gag at my house.
My eldest kid thinks I’m nuts.
I prefer the word eccentric, but that’s just me holding on to the hope he won’t have me committed!

What’s the one condiment I put on just about everything that makes my son cringe?

Here’s a clue.

Answers, winners and prizes announced tomorrow. Good luck!


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My latest eccentricity!

Thank goodness my eldest isn’t around to see this. He’s already flabbergasted by my insane need desire tendency to put Ranch Dressing on everything that he might just have a conniption over my latest quirk. What is it you ask? Taco Sauce on my pasta!

Okay, okay, cut me some slack, I’m under a bit of pressure getting myself used to a new schedule and this is totally a firstborn coping mechanism. Or maybe it’s just me on my way to becoming an eccentric old lady! Or both!!! 🙂
Either way, taco sauce on my pasta with some home made salsa was pretty darn good so I’d like to see you stop me from digging into this yumtastic discovery!

my latest eccentricity
Image Source: Yahoo images (

What quirky food discovery do you have that has your family thinking you’re “nuts” eccentric? Do share?



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