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Take my hand…


Take my hand
As we stroll
Into many beautiful
Sunsets together…

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Silent walk



We walked silently hand in hand.
My mind drifted between events
Way too many to count.

I worried about our future
While being comforted by the past —
We’ve always managed to make it.

We’ve come a long way.
We still have many roads to travel.
We’ve only just begun!

A tear filled my eye
As I let go of her hand
Watching her walk into her day.

I remember when her infant fingers
Gripped me tight.
I remember when her
Toddler fingers fought to pull away.

I now cherish the moments
When she wants to hold my hand
For as she grows I have to give her freedom.

She too is torn between growing up
And still being my baby.
I cherish when she hugs me tight.

I walked silently hands in my pocket
Grateful to be given the chance
To be her mom to hold her hand again.


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Your love…



Your love is like
a thick blanket
on a cold winter’s night —
comforting, safe, warm —
keeps me wanting more.

Your love is like
a cool breeze on a warm summer day —
refreshing, cooling, amazing —
you’re the one I adore.

Your love is like
the fresh blooms of spring —
fragrant, captivating, intoxicating —  
leaves me weak in the knees.

Your love is like the beautiful colors of fall —
radiant, delightful, crisp —
keeps me on my toes.

Your love is like the seasons of time —
with you I’m no longer dead inside —
you make me come alive —
thankful just to have you in my life. 

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