May her Blaze consume you


May the Lady in your life
Set your heart on fire.
May the Blaze consume you.

May the love you have for her
Be the best you’ve ever had.
May she be the one
To fulfill all your desires.

May you never take
Such a love for granted.
For in this, our state
Of perpetual pandemonium,
She may be the only one, besides God,
To make you feel sane.


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Contents written: October 8 2016
Originally published: October 8 2016
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You wait for me



How leisurely you wait for me
As though time were meant
For just us two.
Is it that you secretly
Fear my presence?
Or are you simply
The most patient man
I’ve ever known?

Fear not dearest one,
My only desire is to love you
In like manner
As you have so sweetly
Chosen to love me.

It is with great respect
That I hold you in
The bossom of my soul,
Close to my heart, 
My most fragile possession.

There,  you will find,
That though I am strong,
My heart is weak,
In need of some
Tender loving care.

I give it freely to you
As you have given yours to me.
Please cherish it, for I cannot bear
To be in love alone, not again.

And I will love you always —
Your mind,  your body, your soul,
For in so doing
You’ll no doubt know
Just how much I cherish you.


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Contents written: September 26 2016
Originally published: September 26 2016
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Short Stories, Strangers Collide

The Appointment Part 2

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Her phone is charged.
All her chores are done.
Nothing else matters.
No one is allowed to interrupt.

So many thoughts
are rushing through her head.
She’s done this every night
since they met.
Why is she still so excited?

It’s 10pm — It’s time!
She picks up the phone and dials.

He answers:
Hello my fair lady!
I’ve missed you…

She responds as is her custom:
Hello my good sir, I’ve missed you too.
I’m ready for my appointment!

John works the night shift.
Religiously, on his drive home,
he and Cindy have a nightly chat
which they refer to as The Appointment.

So far, nothing or no one
has been able
to disrupt this routine —
Their time together is top priority.

They can’t get enough of each other,
It’s safe to say, 
they have a thing going on
Something very special.

[This is Part 8 of a new series entitled “Strangers Collide”. See Part 1 – 7 of series here ]


Contents compiled: September 1 2016
Originally published: September 2 2016
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Short Stories, Strangers Collide

The Appointment

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Weeks went by.
Cindy and John
communicated nonstop
and met regularly.

Their friendship was blossoming
into a beautiful relationship
and it was clear they were
the center of each other’s world.

One day the following event occurred…

Cindy,  would you like
to have drinks after work?
It’s been a while since we hung out!

Sorry Mel, I need to get home.
I have an appointment!
Maybe some other time?

Sure, no worries!
See you tomorrow…

2 hrs later, a text came through…

Cindy, can I over for a few minutes?
I have a few designs
I’d like to show you
for my huge presentation next week.
I could really use your input
to narrow it down to my best five.

Gosh Karen, I’d love to help,
but can we do that tomorrow?
I’m rushing to get a few things done.
I have an appointment later.

An appointment?
Who has an appointment at night?
What kind of appointment is that?

I’ll tell you all about it another time,
but right now I really have to go!

Okay, no problem,
you’re being all mysterious,
but I DO want details. Bye…

30 minutes later the phone rings…

Hello mom, are you ok?

Her mom:
Yes dear, just calling to see
how you’re doing!

Oh thanks mom, I’m great,
but can I call you in the morning,
I need to jump in the shower.
I have to get ready.

Her mom:
Get ready for what dear?

I have an appointment.
I’ll tell you about it another time.

Her mom:
Okay honey, please be careful!
What kind of appointment
happens at this time of night?
Is a boy coming over?

Geez mom, NO!!!
A boy is NOT coming over.
I’ll fill you in another time,
but right now I REALLY have to go.

Her mom:
Okay dear.
Please remember to be respectable.
Good night!

Geez mom! Yes I’ll be respectable…
G’nite mom…

It’s 9:55 pm. Five more minutes.
She’s ready. She’s excited.
She can’t wait for ‘The Appointment’.


[This is Part 7 of a new series entitled “Strangers Collide”. See Part 1 – 6 of series here ]


Contents written: August 13 2016
Originally published: September 1 2016
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Startled by the crowd’s sudden outburst
John and Cindy stared at each other
in utter amazement as the crowd chanted,
Say yes! Say yes! Say yes! Say yes!

Cindy laughed hysterically
then nodded her answer
as she whispered softly,

The crowd cheered,
and by all accounts
this was an epic first date
to be remembered forever.

The two exchanged numbers
and made their way
through the cheering crowd
towards the exit.

But before she left,
Cindy ran back
to give the cafe owner
a special thank you.

She gave him the biggest hug
she could muster,
then kissed him playfully
on his forehead.

Being an older man in his sixties,
he blushed, 
and in customary Asian fashion, 
bowed in humility.

But before she could make it
out the door he yelled half-jokingly,
in his heavy Asian accent,
And no more fainting in my cafe!
Commotion bad for business!!!
Bad for my heart too!!!

The crowd busted out laughing
as did Cindy and John, 
and with that, they exited the cafe.


[ This is Part 6 of a series entitled “Strangers Collide”.  Read entire series here]


Contents written: August 31 2016
Originally published: August 31 2016
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Short Stories, Strangers Collide


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The ambulance arrived,
and as a precaution, 
the medics gave the woman
a thorough inspection.

The bump on her head was small.
Pain meds would ease her discomfort.
Any persistent or sharp headaches,
meant she should to get to the ER ASAP.

As the medics left, the crowd dispersed,
and so the handsome gentleman
was finally alone with the fair lady,
but all eyes were curiously focused on them.

I’m pleased you wanted to see me again,
I’m just sorry my sudden arrival startled you.
I’m notoriously early, never expected
it would ever cause such a commotion.
I’m John.

Pleased to meet you officially,  John.
I’m Cindy.  Don’t be sorry,
I was extremely nervous.
I was completely amazed
that my idea worked.

I’m glad you thought of it!
I’m here apartment hunting.
Probably wouldn’t have met
you again otherwise.

Wow! I knew it!
You are from out of town!
So fun of you to play along.
I’ve never done anything like this before,
was worried you’d think me too forward.

No. I thought it was rather clever.
I’ve never done anything like this either.
I was quite thrilled —
Felt like something from a movie.

I agree.
There was just something about you…

They both smiled…

Would you like to meet again?

The onlookers, erupted in unison,
as if they forgot
they were eavesdropping…
SAY YES!!!!!


[This is Part 5 of a new series entitled “Strangers Collide”. See Part 1 – 4 of series here ]


Contents compiled: August 29 2016
Originally published: August 30 2016
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Short Stories, Strangers Collide

The Touch

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The sudden commotion
Made her the center of attention
As several voices uttered suggestions
On how to revive her.

An ice pack made its way
To her upheld head
Via the nervous hands
Of the cafe owner.

He did not expect
A simple sign and $50 dollars
Would lead to all this mayhem!
“An ambulance is on the way!”

The handsome gentleman,
In whose hands her head rested,
Was concerned that he was the cause
Of her current dilemma.

His gentle face wore a furrowed brow
While his kind eyes searched her face
For signs of revival but there were none.
“It wasn’t supposed to be like this! “

As the cafe owner
Continued to hold the ice pack in place,
The handsome gentleman
Gently brushed the tossled hair from her face.

His fingertips gently caressed her cheeks,
Outlined her dimpled chin,
Traced the bridge of her tiny nose,
Then circled her lips.

Cafe owner:
Sir, do you know this woman?

Handsome gentleman:
No, not really.
We met once in passing,
But I don’t really know who she is.
The sign out front was meant for me.
She wanted to meet me again…

At those words, a mumble traveled
Through the gathered crowd.
It’s him! He’s the one!
It’s her. She’s the one who left the sign!”

He took her hand and kissed it.
Then once again caressed her flushed cheeks,
Hoping to see her beautiful lips smile again
Like they did when she and he first met.

Suddenly, her eyes began to open.
Her hand reached for her head.
She winced in pain.
She had fallen pretty hard.

Confused, her eyes scanned
The circle of faces gathered around her,
Then found their resting place
Locked to his in time and space.

“What’s going on? Oh my gosh, did I faint?”
The handsome gentleman smiled,
“Yes you did, my fair lady, but it’s ok,
I never left your side”.


[ This is Part 4 of a series entitled “Strangers Collide”. See Part 3 here. Read entire series here. Stay tuned for Part 5 ]


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