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Good morning to you



Good morning,
Have a wonderful day!


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When we come alive…

Here’s a bit of morning music to add motivation to start your day ☺

My favorite lines of this song:
… We carry on
… We are fine you and I
… We touch the sky when we ignite
… We are souls on fire
When we come alive

Song: “Switchfoot – When We Come Alive [Official Audio]”

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Do you need a “Monday do-over”?


Good morning friends,

How was your Monday?
Did it look anything like this?


Or this?


If so, then sounds like you could use a do-over!

Want a sure-fire way to start your Tuesday off right? Here’s a song that always puts me in happy mood. Perhaps it will put a little pep in your step too. Give it a try,  doctor’s blogger’s orders!!!  Have a fantastic day. Enjoy! ☺




Song:  “Gang of Rhythm – Walk off the Earth With Lyrics”






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