Your words…


Your words —
They caress mind,
Stimulate my soul,
Awaken my senses.

I find you lurking
In all my thoughts
Seeping into my subconscious
Captivating my every waking moment.

My many broken pieces,
They do not scare you.
Instead, you draw closer
Wrapping me in the blanket of your love.

In your caring soul,  I find safety.
In your sweet smile,  I find hope.
In your alluring voice,  I find wisdom.
In your blue eyes,  I see myself anew.

My days of late, feel Enchanted,
As though inside a fairytale,
With mystical unicorns,
And Knights on white horses.

Can I be your damsel in distress?
Can I fall helplessly into your arms?
Will you rescue me from all my pain?
Will you love me, all of me, scars and all?

Meeting you has been a nice surprise.
I’m honored to be your friend, your ear,
And utterly delighted to be your muse.
Who knows what tomorrow holds?

But until then I’ll simply sit here
Completely intoxicated
And hopelessly mesmerized
By your words…

Contents written: April 9 2016 | Originally published:  April 9 2016   |   Copyright © 2016 Moylom Enterprises


Take the lead

take the lead
Image source: Yahoo images

Take the lead
Will you?
Take my hand,
Hold me in your arms,
And dance.

Take the lead,
Will you?
Sing to me,
Make me smile,
In your sweet, goofy way.

Take the lead,
Will you?
Converse with me,
Study the word with me,
And pray.

Take the lead,
Will you?
Show me your love
In a million different ways,
Don’t just say.

Take the lead,
Will you?
Take my hand,
Make me yours, never let go,
Just stay!

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Contents written: October 17 2015 | Edited: October 20 2015 | Copyright 2015 Moylom Enterprises