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Good morning to you



Good morning,
Have a wonderful day!


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Originally published: March 26 2017
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Short Stories

Be happy today…


Hi friends, how’s your week so far? Was it everything you expected or can you use a do-over?

Well,  there are certainly a few things I’d like to erase,  but there were many great moments too so really, I can’t complain!

I’m learning to be thankful even in the storm for I know the Almighty has my back. He wouldn’t lead me out to sea just to let me drown, instead,  He’s teaching me how to swim — preparing me for something wonderful on the other side of these raging waters.

So, I’m choosing to be happy today, even when things seem bleak. I’ll let the rain wash over me, then when things settle, I’ll remember to look up in search of the beautiful rainbow — that bit of beauty in the midst of all this chaos — that symbol which reminds us that God always keeps His promises (Genesis 9: 13 – 17).

There is a calmness that comes as I release my grip on things I can’t control and Just Let God. Sometimes I forget,  and as with all muscle memory,  I hold tight again, thinking I’m capable without his help! Of course I fail miserably but when I let Him guide me, I see His blessings —  a sense of peace which comes with unexpected happiness. God has such amazing events planned for me, and guess what? He’s got a lofty shindig planned for you too!  So clear your calendar, get your party clothes out and get ready for the party of your life! 😀

Here are a few tips I’ve found to be quite uplifting. Perhaps you will find meaning in them too:

Life isn’t perfect…


Count your blessings…


God has great things planned for you…


Be mindful of the people who call themselves your friends …


Be yourself…



Make a difference…


Everything worth having is worth fighting for…


Thank God for something…


Thanks as always for stopping by. Share a smile,  a hug or kind worda with someone today, and then,  thank God for something! Be blessed and be happy!

Your friend,


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A letter to my darling children

I dedicate this song to my 3 awesome kids. Life is full of amazing possibilities, be brave and find your wings. May you all know how much I love you.

Your sappy mama


Song: “Mark Harris – Find Your Wings (with lyrics)”


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Happy today


Sounds of laughter
Ripple through the air.
Tickled bellies
Send arms and legs
Flailing everywhere.

Her giggles are electric
Inevitably contagious.
She screams,  “More mommy,  more!”
The moment is pure and precious.

We roll and tumble
All over the floor.
The dog is jealous,
She jumps and paws.

This memory is one
I hope to never forget;
Hugs,  kisses and tickles
For my munchkin and pet.


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Do you need a “Monday do-over”?


Good morning friends,

How was your Monday?
Did it look anything like this?


Or this?


If so, then sounds like you could use a do-over!

Want a sure-fire way to start your Tuesday off right? Here’s a song that always puts me in happy mood. Perhaps it will put a little pep in your step too. Give it a try,  doctor’s blogger’s orders!!!  Have a fantastic day. Enjoy! ☺




Song:  “Gang of Rhythm – Walk off the Earth With Lyrics”






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