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Prayer gains access
to the proud spirit,
to the hardened heart,
to the unbelieving mind;
there are no walls
too high or thick
for Him to breach.
So pray God’s will
and watch lives change —
especially your own.


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Little Ironies: Part 2

little ironies part 2

I hid it from myself!

In a hurry to unpack groceries and keep my secret chocolate stash out of sight from the kids (I don’t share my chocolate, it’s my only indulgence — my therapy — my sprinkles), I tossed it to the back of the freezer intending to put it in the proper hiding place once I was alone. Trouble is I forgot all about it for a good week and in effect hid it from myself too. Serves me right for not sharing, I guess, but I’m still not going to. It’s mine, ALL MINE!!!

Let it ring

Avoiding bill collectors is now my new hobby. I let the phone ring if I don’t recognize the number or if it shows up as UNKNOWN. Sometimes it’s from someone important that I should really have spoken to, but heck, that’s what voice-mail is for. If it’s important they will leave a message and I’ll call back.

The balancing act of managing bills is becoming quite burdensome. There simply isn’t enough cash-flow to cover everything. I’ve eliminated ALL unnecessary spending but it has gotten to the point where we are at the wire and I don’t know what else to cut.

I remember when I first chose the ring tone for my phone a year ago. I absolutely loved it and have hardly ever heard it play in its entirety since then because I would usually answer the phone by the 2nd or 3rd ring if close by. But now, I just let it ring and enjoy the music, unless in a crowded room or professional setting where a ringing phone left unanswered is annoying. Ironically, the ringtone is now stuck in my head – an ear-worm of sorts – popping up unexpectedly and giving rise to an occasional chuckle since now it is said ringtone that has begun hounding me in the silent hours when bill collectors have long gone to bed — playing over and over and over in my head! Didn’t see that one coming…

Stuck in a lie

In my teenage years I was always looking forward to being 18, the age of not being told what to do! But in my head I had planned to be employed somehow with funds to accompany and facilitate my age of independence. Sadly, I could not find work so in many ways was still at the mercy of my parents. Oye!  So I then began to wish that I was 21 and gone — gone from my perceived prison. With a stroke of luck, due to a promise kept by one of my aunts, I was granted a vacation trip for great grades and that, as it turned out, was my ticket out — I escaped and was then free! However, in my new land of freedom I was still unemployed. It took roughly six months to land a gig, but six months in I was bored (no brain stimulation, no avenues for moving up just an errand girl) and wanted more. The next job I had in my sights had a not-mentioned-out-loud minimum age of 25, so there I was wishing I was indeed 25. The lady at the agency said, “Since you seem to have the perfect stats for this job, just dress yourself a little older when you go to the interview and we could put in your age as 25 and see what happens.” I agreed and landed the job. I was now earning $100 more than the first gig and was feeling pretty good. Problem was I had to remember my new date of birth to go along with my older age. Sometimes I forgot but just made a joke of it and moved on.

By the time I actually got to age 25 I saw no need to be older than that — 30 and beyond seemed old and I wanted nothing to do with that! Besides, thanks to good genes, I always looked younger than my real age and considered that a plus to my quest to remain 25 for as long as possible.

When I hit 30, though, I could no longer pull of 25 for the following reasons:

  • lack of sleep due to late night paperwork for school (BA in Business), work (my new gig — my own business), single mom (2 kids)
  • long work hours (10 – 12 hour shifts) — the overtime was inevitable to keep things running since I was a one-woman army (business owner, field employee, secretary, accountant, etc, etc)
  • just running myself ragged trying to do everything myself (great for quality control, but not so great for self preservation)

So I conceded to the laws of nature, adopting and accepting my true age of 30 but vowed to remain 30 for as long as possible.

One would think that by then I would have learned my lesson, but noooo! It seemed a lot more plausible to fight the aging process tooth and nail. Once, when filling out paperwork at the bank or somewhere, I inadvertently left that space blank. So when the representative revised the paperwork, he said, “Oops, you forgot to fill in your age. No worries, I can write it in, just tell me.” I paused for what seemed like an eternity — my mind was blank — I couldn’t remember! Not that I didn’t know my own date of birth, but I had spent so many years not using my real age that it had now come back to bite me. When I finally managed to fumble it out, then told him my funny story to wash away my embarrassment, he said squint-eyed, “May I see your ID?” Clearly he wasn’t buying my story. I was horrified! I’ve since learned my lesson, but now have this awesome, sanity-questioning story to share with my kids which I’m sure will be told at my funeral as a fantastic eulogy! Oh well, no bother, I’ll be the dead person in the casket laughing her butt off no longer able to fight nature, time or age — Irony at it’s best! ^_^

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[I hid it from myself! — Written: March 7 2015. Edited March 11 2015]

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[Stuck in a lie — Written March 11 2015]

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Unexpected Blessings #1: Unnoticed Raindrops

Source: Yahoo images (friends18.com)
Source: Yahoo images (friends18.com)

The best blessings are the ones we receive unexpectedly — the lessons we learn the hard way — the lessons that took us months or years to realize — the lessons we are inspired to share with others for they are too good to keep to ourselves!

The following re-blog by aditikharb.wordpress.com is a perfect example of such blessings. Hope it offers a bit of inspiration or at least offers a new perspective on those rainy, stormy days. Happy Easter!

Little Drops that went Unnoticed

Here it’s been raining since morning. At the end of day everyone i talked to I only got to hear complaints complaints and more complaints about how inconvenient it was. There was this scheduled performance by a singer which got canceled, someone’s clothes that he put out for drying got all drenched due to sudden downpour. But amidst all the chaos and disappointment I also learned three great lessons today.
So I thought i should share them here cause these migt be little things but thses little things are all we need sometimes.
1) I learned to be happy. If not cause of a reason of your own then be happy for someone else.
For example when the performance got canceled people got angry for they bought the passes, came all the way and still the rain ruined it all. But then if we try looking at a bigger picture, keeping our personal disappointments aside, this rain would have benefited someone, may be a little bird or a farmer. One can only imagine. Why not be happy for them? Why always look at the negative side? Just try thinking it from a different perspective, try peeking into someone else’s mirror and see how beautiful their reflection is. Try finding a reason to be happy however small.

2) A friend of mine got stuck in rain in the college, the roads were blocked because of traffic jam and exits were closed. He tried calling cabs ready to pay extra money but no one agreed. He felt helpless and disheartened for he once thought money could buy you anything. He learned it the hard way. He had to wait 2 hours in the pouring rain completely drenched and freezing. But he learned when you are victim of the circumstances no amount of money can get you out. You will have to be patient to wait for the right moment, you have to give it your all, until you have exhausted all your options you can’t give up! He always believed that if he can earn enough he can raise his family properly and give his children everything they ask for. They won’t have to restrict themselves for anything. But what he understood today is one’s time is the most precious thing they can give someone. Money will come and go and we will keep on dreaming for something better, better than what we already have because isn’t that what dreaming big is all about? We always expect of our parents a little more than they give us but we never try to think that they already are giving us the best. They are already doing a little more than their capabilities, just for our happiness. Money was made to make life better, life wasn’t made just to earn better, there is so much more to life and there is so much you can’t put a price tag on.

3) Rain always inspire me to do something creative so i picked up my comic again from where i left off and wrote another page. ( I started writing manga sometime back and sketch and paint too) And while i was doing that i got compliment from a girl from another room( I live in a hostel). She told me i draw beautifully. This made me think, think about how i never really learned to draw or took any writing sessions. It all comes naturally to me. Its like a part of being me. I realized how much I underestimate myself when i compare my average qualities with someone’s best quality. I often end up comparing myself with someone who is really good at studies, they don’t even work as hard as i do yet they end up scoring so much. Although i have always been among toppers in school and was admired by many of my friends for having such grades, yet i never managed to understand how some who never really paid as much attention scored equal to me or more than me. But I never before tried to put it this way, ‘that is their best quality’ and i should accept it. I should rather work on my own talents and try making the most out of it. This also reminds me of the quote “If you  judge the fish by its ability to  Climb a Tree, It will Live Its Whole Life Believing that It is Stupid.”
P.S. -I might be a little biased because I love rain!
P.P.S. -comments and suggestions are most welcomed and I hope I will always remember these lessons.

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