Perhaps? Maybe…



Perhaps I could burrow your hands
to caress me lovingly,
to untangle these knots in my shoulders
that suddenly plague me.

Maybe I could burrow your lips
to kiss me tenderly,
from the nape of my neck, down my back,
and wherever else you please.

Perhaps I could burrow you ears
to listen to my heart beat,
to the rhythm that only we know,
to the tune that is oh so sweet.

Maybe I could burrow your heart
and keep it here close to mine,
to make me feel complete,
from now til the end of time.

Perhaps? Maybe…


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Contents compiled: April 2 2017
Originally published: April 3 2017
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Blow me one last kiss…

blow me a kiss
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Blow me one last kiss before you go.
Don’t ever leave without letting me know,
That you love and cherish me with all your heart
And that it pains you so that we must part.

Close your eyes, feel the love I send,
Knowing how I hate this day to end.
You’ll see me in your dreams,  I know
But I won’t see you, my dreams won’t flow.

So blow me one last kiss sweetheart,
Don’t ever forget to say goodnight,
For tomorrow when I wake refreshed
I’ll smile…feeling truly blessed.

Just blow me one last kiss…


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