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Sing to me Julio!

Hello beautiful people!

I’m grateful to have made it to another day and I hope you are too. ‚ėļ

My thoughts have been a little scattered lately. Many major changes are in progress, but I always enjoy connecting with you lovely folks out there in blog land. It’s a nice change of pace from all the chaos in my head. All the sweet sentiments, humor and intelligence, I discover on a daily basis certainly keeps me occupied and stimulated in a positive way. Thank you all for being a part of my world, you are all appreciated!

I’m chillin’ with Julio today. Too busy to look up the meaning of his lyrics as I’m being twirled on the dance floor by a handsome gentleman to this amazing song (I wish!). Hope it takes you to a happy place too, enjoy! ūüĆ∑



Song: “Julio Iglesias –¬† Me Va, Me Va


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Originally published: October 13 2016
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The Quiet makes me Cold



It’s 9:30 am.
I’m the only one awake.
I’m hungry
But the quiet lures me in.
“Stay awhile, ” it whispers,
“no need to rush.
Just enjoy our time together,
Just us!”

How could I refuse
Such an intimate request?
So I stay,
Pulling the covers up to my neck
Snuggling in to my pillow;
It knows me so well,
I smile…

I read for a while
And it smiles too
Knowing how much
These moments mean to me.
If only it knew how
To cook and other such things,
Breakfast in bed
Would have been a delight!
But alas,
Though I’m drawn to its kind —
The strong, silent type —
It cannot fulfill all my needs.
How sad…

It is then that my heart
Pines for a love lost.
The quiet always
Conjures up memories of him.
Then, as if on cue,
The chill of the room
Transfers to my body,
And I am cold
From head to toe.

For though my heart
Still beats for him
He is gone
And the loneliness
That has taken his place
Is like a fire
Whose light has been doused with water
There is no warmth left,
I’m just cold.

The quiet senses my sadness now
And walks away,
For it knows not
How to comfort me.
And as it opens the door
The noise rushes in
To save the day.
Everyone is finally awake;
My thoughts of him
Disappear temporarily,
But I’m still cold
For I miss him so…

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Blow me one last kiss…

blow me a kiss
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Blow me one last kiss before you go.
Don’t ever leave without letting me know,
That you love and cherish me with all your heart
And that it pains you so that we must part.

Close your eyes, feel the love I send,
Knowing how I hate this day to end.
You’ll see me in your dreams,¬† I know
But I won’t see you, my dreams won’t flow.

So blow me one last kiss sweetheart,
Don’t ever forget to say goodnight,
For tomorrow when I wake refreshed
I’ll smile…feeling truly blessed.

Just blow me one last kiss…


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Missing you …‚̧…


The hours go by so slowly
as I wait to see your handsome face.

I miss your gentle eyes,
that seem to pierce right through me.

I miss your sweet lips,
that whisper sweet words in my ear.

I miss your seductive smile,
which beacons me to draw closer.

I miss your silly facial expressions
which always make me giggle like a teenager.

I miss the kisses you blow to me
when we must say goodbye.

But most of all my darling,
I miss hearing you say, “I love you”.

So please hurry my precious one,
For I can’t handle much more of missing you.

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Dreaming of you



Once upon a dreary morning,
The wind blew strong its chill felt deeply.
I had no desire to be outside,
It’s only September my body cried!

I walked the dog and went back to bed,
And had sweet dreams of you instead.
You kissed my lips as I was sleeping,
I felt you close, and your heart beating.

The doorbell rang and broke my slumber.
How dare they foil the best dream ever?
I went to see the perpetrator
But no one was there, nary a neighbor.

So was the bell I heard also a dream?
Or was it some elaborate childish scheme?
I went back to bed quite annoyed,
Wishing you’d return to fill my void.

But your presence was never again my joy
For though I wished the magic went array.
I tossed and turned earnestly desiring
You’d return to me to again my darling.


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Originally published: October 2 2016
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The weather was lovely,
the sun beamed brightly,
the flowers glowed beautifully,
it was perfect for a stroll in the gardens.

I’d have given anything to hold your hand,
to share this wonderful day with you,
to tell you how much you mean to me,
but instead I’m strolling this garden alone.

Alas, your hand is too far away to hold,
your voice doesn’t reach my ears,
your smile is only in my memory,
and my heart and soul miss you deeply.

This would have been the perfect day
just to spend some quality time with you,
but it was not meant to be,
at least not today…


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Originally published: September 5 2016
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Life is beautiful


To have expectations
Means setting yourself up for disappointment
To have no expectations
Means opening yourself up to surprise.
Life can still be beautiful
May you be blessed by its many surprises.

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*Originally published December 2015

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