Short Stories

Just for laughs


Waking up with a smile is the best way to start your day. Surround yourself with things or people that make you happy. Better yet, have a good laugh,  it does the body good.

Have yourself a wonderful day!! 😀













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Picture Poetry, Poetry

Encourage growth



Great leaders know the secret of success.
Great leaders give constructive criticism.
Great leaders acknowledge sincere effort.
Great leaders support personal development.
Great leaders show genuine appreciation.
Great leaders know how to encourage growth.


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Picture Poetry, Poetry




When life
Throws you curveballs,
Don’t just sit there
You’ve gotto move!

And if those curveballs
Hit you in the gut,
Take it like a champ,
Or cry like a baby.
Either way
You’ve gotto get up — move!

Did those curveballs
Knock you to the floor?
Did your pride take a beating?
Its okay, just dust yourself off,
You’ve gotto move!

Lift your head,
Walk tall,
Thank your Creator
For the new day.
Press on with determination.
Whatever you do, just move!


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