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I choose joy

I’ve gone the way
of telling myself
that this life I’m creating
will lead to freedom
and less stress.

I toil at a job,
glaze-eyed and half present,
daydreaming to be on a beach
pursuing my true passion.

To work from anywhere
is my deepest desire,
not tied to a zip code, building
or unscrupulous managers.

Earning a living
doing what I love,
working smart, not hard,
the reverse of my life now.

Self talk says, “Stick with it,
you’ve got what it takes!”
My prayers go up to heaven
for guidance and grace.

Setting a positive example
for my offspring to emulate,
my youngest has taken flight,
her own creative journey awaits.

Captivated by the wisdom
her young life shines on mine,
I laugh at her antics
as I cease toiling for awhile.

“Pick me up! Pick me up!” she begs,
“Please? Pretty please?”
“Oh darling I fear
you’re getting too big for such treats!”

But I oblige her one more time
as I know very well,
these moments are fleeting,
time does not stand still.

The joy I find,
as I gaze upon her smile,
brings me back to my purpose
of seeking a new life.

Self talk says,” stick with it,
no turning back my friend!”
In your search for freedom
you’ve found joy times ten!

Contents written May 6 2019
Digital Art by Moylom Art Studio
Copyright @2019 Moylom Art Studio

Watch “for KING & COUNTRY – joy.
(Lyric Video) (4K)” on YouTube

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Finding strength in friendship…



In the silence
When I can’t hear your voice
I try to imagine the direction
I should look to find you.

I’m not great
With such spacial orientations.
North,  South,  East, West?
They all seem to leave me puzzled.

But somehow, without fail,
I seem to find your heart
Because you are searching
For mine too.

Your soul reaches over
The many obstacles
Which others find daunting
And it finds mine.

I keep thinking
One day your eyes
Would dig too deep
And see unsightly parts of me,

And just like that
Your soul would finally stop
Searching for mine
And disappear into the shadows.

So I try to think of reasons
You shouldn’t look so closely,
But you’re not the superficial type
You live for depth, you’re not afraid.

You don’t mind getting messy
And it amazes me
That you aren’t deterred
By the state of my garden.

You’re willing to help me
Till the stubborn soil
To soften and mulch,
To plant new seeds of love.

Like the seasons
My Spring will soon come.
And hopefully,  those seeds
Will bloom into something wonderful.

So I hope you’ll stick around
To bear witness to your handiwork,
To see how much I’ve grown
Because of you.


Contents written: April 12 2015 | Originally published: June 19 2016  |  Copyright ©  2016 Moylom Enterprises

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Sing to me Julio!

Hello beautiful people!

I’m grateful to have made it to another day and I hope you are too. ☺

My thoughts have been a little scattered lately. Many major changes are in progress, but I always enjoy connecting with you lovely folks out there in blog land. It’s a nice change of pace from all the chaos in my head. All the sweet sentiments, humor and intelligence, I discover on a daily basis certainly keeps me occupied and stimulated in a positive way. Thank you all for being a part of my world, you are all appreciated!

I’m chillin’ with Julio today. Too busy to look up the meaning of his lyrics as I’m being twirled on the dance floor by a handsome gentleman to this amazing song (I wish!). Hope it takes you to a happy place too, enjoy! 🌷



Song: “Julio Iglesias –  Me Va, Me Va


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Video source: YouTube
Contents compiled: October 13 2016
Originally published: October 13 2016
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Party at my house



Munchkin has been obsessed with the soundtrack for the movie “Trolls”. I have to admit it’s a pretty good soundtrack. She’s been playing it all day. By far this is my favorite song of all. Love the beat and the bass. Have a listen and tell me what you think! Enjoy! 🌷



Song: “Justin Timberlake, Gwen Stefani & Ron Funches – Hair Up [Audio]”


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Contents compiled: March 4 2017
Originally published: March 4 2017
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Life is a gamble



Life lessons come at us in different ways.
My mom loved this song,  and yesterday I was reminded of it while visiting another blog.

Have a listen and see what lesson this song teaches you. Enjoy! 🌷



Song: “Kenny Rogers – The Gambler (1978)”


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Contents compiled: February 17 2017
Originally published: February 11 2017
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Are you happy with your life?

I grew up learning to appreciate the things I had because my parents were not rich and so I learned to wait patiently as they toiled hard to give me and my brother a comfortable life. We certainly were not spoiled and very early on I learned to cherish the things I’d been given.

Fast forward to today, and I’m teaching my munchkin the same lessons I’ve learned — to respect and appreciate how hard I have to work to give her the things she needs.

When you look at your life, do you wake up feeling blessed or are you unhappy and in need of a change?

Life, although difficult at times, can still be okay if we choose to focus on the positives. It’s all about perspective!



Song: “Fine Fine Life”, For KING and Country


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Contents compiled: September 29 2016
Originally published: September 29 2016
Copyright © 2016 Moylom Enterprises

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Crazy about John



John and I
used to have
a good thing going on
but somehow
we drifted apart.

Not sure if it was
him or me but it’s
been ages since
we spent time together.

I stumbled upon him
at Dunkin Donuts this evening
and I must say
he still knows how
to make me
weak in the knees.

There he was
singing to me as usual.
Oh how how I missed him!!

So here’s John
doing his thing.
🌷 ☺


Mix – John Mayer – Bigger Than My Body:


Song: “Mix – John Mayer – Bigger Than My Body


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Contents compiled: February 6 2017
Originally published: February 6 2017
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