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Finding Strength

Mountains are being moved
By the Almighty.

He’s lifting my legs
To jump the hurdles ahead.

He’s giving me the Strength
To keep pressing forward.

I’m pushing forward
With faith.

He’s positioning His soldiers,
To help me fight my battles.

He’s sending His Good Samaritans,
To aide me in times of need.

He’s sending His Guardian angels
To shelter me from the storms of life.

He’s showing me the light I’ve been seeking
At the end of this long tunnel.

He’s taking me through my dessert
To my promised land.

He’s waiting for me on the other side
With arms wide open.

Thank you Lord
In Jesus name, amen.



Song: Made New” from Lincoln Brewster (OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO)”



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Sometimes I get in the way

My dog is a powerful breed in both personality and physical strength. At 50+ pounds when she greets you hello she’ll push you over if you’re not careful. She never walks beside or behind me, instead, she’s always always out in front – – in the lead, sometimes even pulling me in the direction she wants to go. As a result our walking pace is pretty brisk, never a casual stroll, which can be frustrating at times. (I know The Dog Whisperer, Cesar Millan, will shake his head disapprovingly should he hear of this).

Often, to get her to slow down I take her on a path she doesn’t know. If she doesn’t know where she’s going then she has no choice but to fall back and let me lead. That’s when her demeanor changes. She’s no longer on autopilot, she’s no longer pulling, but she finally stays close to my side because she’s unsure and sometimes visibly scared. This is when I console her and let her know it will all be OK. I rub her head, she looks up at me searching my eyes for sincerity and we press on.

This act of surrender and trust transforms her and in an instant I see my own behavior. I am admittedly strong-willed and have this need to be in control of my own destiny. This comes from my rebellion to break free from being controlled by family. But just like my dog, I’m so used to being on autopilot, up ahead in the lead, that I don’t stay at God’s side allowing him to guide me. It’s not until He takes me to uncharted territory, that I have no choice but to fallback as I’m essentially and hopelessly lost.

What a profound life lesson this has been that I could not keep it to myself.

I don’t want to get in the way of the work God needs to do in my life so I’m making a conscious effort to be the background for His performance. I’m learning slowly, and sometimes painfully, to let Him take the lead. I’m trying really hard to remember He knows best and would never leave me!

What awesome life lessons have you learned lately? Are you also guilty of getting in the way? Feel free to share your stories and of course, thanks for reading. Have a great day!





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The Proof Of Your Love

We need to prove our love.
Our words just aren’t enough!

~Moylom Enterprises August 17 2016~



Song: “for KING & COUNTRY – “The Proof Of Your Love” (Official Music Video)


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My survival song



Four years ago, this was the one song I played on a continuous loop. It was and still is my survival song. I survived abuse, fleeing for my safety, several relocations and then starting over from scratch.

As I look back,  I say with a full heart of triumph that I not only survived but now I also thrive. But it was not by my own will, it was because the Hurt met the Healer.

The Healer gave me the strength to push,  dig deep,  trust,  feel,  and finally live again. A part of me has died,  but like the Phoenix I rise again because of the Healer.

Perhaps you too have a survival story.
Perhaps you also have a survival song.
Perhaps your Hurt was also met by the Healer.
Perhaps you now thrive, rising like a Phoenix from the ashes.

Rise my fearless ones.
Rise for better.
Rise for truth.
Rise for justice.
Rise because the best revenge against adversity is to thrive.

This is my survival song. Enjoy 🌷


Song: The Hurt and the Healer by MercyMe

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Are you happy with your life?

I grew up learning to appreciate the things I had because my parents were not rich and so I learned to wait patiently as they toiled hard to give me and my brother a comfortable life. We certainly were not spoiled and very early on I learned to cherish the things I’d been given.

Fast forward to today, and I’m teaching my munchkin the same lessons I’ve learned — to respect and appreciate how hard I have to work to give her the things she needs.

When you look at your life, do you wake up feeling blessed or are you unhappy and in need of a change?

Life, although difficult at times, can still be okay if we choose to focus on the positives. It’s all about perspective!



Song: “Fine Fine Life”, For KING and Country


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Crazy about John



John and I
used to have
a good thing going on
but somehow
we drifted apart.

Not sure if it was
him or me but it’s
been ages since
we spent time together.

I stumbled upon him
at Dunkin Donuts this evening
and I must say
he still knows how
to make me
weak in the knees.

There he was
singing to me as usual.
Oh how how I missed him!!

So here’s John
doing his thing.
🌷 ☺


Mix – John Mayer – Bigger Than My Body:


Song: “Mix – John Mayer – Bigger Than My Body


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