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Live in the moment



Shifting her weight
from one leg to the other,
this busy bee
gets antsy standing still.

Her day caterpillars on
as if flying were forbidden,
perhaps some lesson
is meant to be learned from this drill.

Maybe she just needs
to be in the moment,
enjoy her new petals,
count them one by one.

Life’s too short
to miss its beauty —
a bountiful garden
filled with blessings from above.


Image source: Google images
Contents compiled: March 18 2017
Originally published: March 22 2017
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The wisdom of innocence



Our kids were friends first
Then we followed suit.
How funny that our children
Lead us by their example!
We have been blessed
By the wisdom of their innocence.


Image source: Digital Art by A ~I.R.B.
Contents compiled: March 8.2017
Originally published: March 8 2017
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Silent walk



We walked silently hand in hand.
My mind drifted between events
Way too many to count.

I worried about our future
While being comforted by the past —
We’ve always managed to make it.

We’ve come a long way.
We still have many roads to travel.
We’ve only just begun!

A tear filled my eye
As I let go of her hand
Watching her walk into her day.

I remember when her infant fingers
Gripped me tight.
I remember when her
Toddler fingers fought to pull away.

I now cherish the moments
When she wants to hold my hand
For as she grows I have to give her freedom.

She too is torn between growing up
And still being my baby.
I cherish when she hugs me tight.

I walked silently hands in my pocket
Grateful to be given the chance
To be her mom to hold her hand again.


Image source: Yahoo images
Contents compiled: December 6 2016
Originally published: December 6 2016
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