Unplanned stay-cation

Image source: facebook
Image source: facebook

Im not used to sitting still yet here I am with a few unplanned days off with my little one home too.

If I’m not going to work then she’s not going to daycare. That’s just the way it is right now as funds are tight! Thank goodness the owner has been understanding.

She’s a little sick — runny nose and reports of feeling cold. Hmm, guess these few days home were timely after all. Last thing I need is to have her make other kids at daycare sick.

Not exactly how I would have planned my downtime but I guess Papa knows best! Good one God!

Introverts don’t do well with the term unplanned, and prefer to arrange things way in advance to give our minds time to adjust. So even if I have been wanting some time to rest, it’s a bit disconcerting that I had nothing to do with this scheduling whatsoever!

Today, my body wants to rest but my mind is busy scanning the house for little projects to do: 

Gardening? Hmm, must go to Home Depot for more planters and potting soil.

Cabinets and closets to clean? Should I start in the kitchen or the bedroom?

The dog and the kid are resting thanks to a morning outing to the park and some cold medicine for the kid. They’re both worn out!

I should be resting too, but instead my brain is wired, reveling in the quietness of the house and running wild with excitement. Why? Perhaps because I’m not tired as I’ve been napping at will since Saturday. It’s Tuesday now and I’m beginning to get a little stir crazy.

Oh well, one more day of relaxation to go as I’m back to work Thursday, then busy with scheduled appointments and errands all day Friday. Better make the best of it then — Forget chores, I’m just gonna lay down!

And so, as I wash my dishes and attempt to make my way to the room, I hear a voice calling, “Mom?”

Oh dear God, she’s up! Oh well, so much for laying down. I guess it’s the thought that counts, right? NOT!!! All hell is about to break loose — mayhem and destruction are her middle names.

And so ends this post. Duty calls…

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