Poetry, Short Stories

Sneaking food



The pitta-patta of her little feet
Running ’round outside closed door
Tell me she’s totally unaware
I know what’s happening.

She’s stealing food
After I told her no more.
She’s not hungry
She just wants more sugar!

She’s learning to feed herself
For which I’m grateful,
But now I have to wonder
Do I need to hide the Nutella?

She got the chair
She climbed up high.
She found her treasure
She’s a chocolate disaster!

Do I really need to hide the Nutella???


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Contents compiled: January 9 2017
Originally published: January 9 2017
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Poetry, Short Stories



This 26.5 Oz jar
Is perhaps the only one
I’ll buy in a while.
Damn you AmazonFresh
For having it at such a great price!
This is way too addictive
To keep in the house regularly.
Plus,  21 grams of sugar per serving?
That’s a ton of sugar!!!
Talk about diet sabotage!
Yeah,  who can stop at 2 tablespoons?
You? Really? Yeah right!
I no longer buy sugar,
I’ve switched to agave, molasses or honey.
But sugar is sneaking itself into my home
Via these sugar-ladened products.
Omg (licking lips),
OMG (licking fingers),
O. M. G (licking spoon)
Nutella, you taste so good!

Contents written: August 1 2016  |  Originally published: August 3 2016  |  Copyright © 2016 Moylom Enterprises