Lost in his own world



There once was a man
Who moved to the middle of nowhere
To feel safe and protected.
Trouble is, when danger came knocking
He was too far away for help to find him.
By the time help came he was already gone.


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Contents compiled: April 11 2017
Originally published: April 11 2017
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The Monkey Wrench

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Life has a way
of throwing a monkey wrench
into our best laid plans
and there’s nothing we can do
but figure out a Plan B.

Sometimes a Plan C, D E, F and G
are necessary too.
And sometimes, just sometimes,
we just need to throw
those freaking plans
out the window and wing it!

At this point, I’ve lost count
of which plan I’m on.
I think I’ve made it
all the way to Plan Z
a hundred times over.
So what now?

I have too much at stake
to just wing it — too many variables!
Single-parenting can be
quite a challenge,
and this time I’m terrified
about a few decisions ahead.

All I can do is break it into small pieces
and take one bite at a time.
The question is,
how many bites do I need to take
to finish this meal?

A more fun question would be,
how many licks does it take
to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop?
But that’s a whole other quandary…


If you’re in the valley of decision
on something major,
omg I’m right there with you!

Sending hugs and prayers your way. Here’s hoping you’ll send some back to me too !!

Best wishes,


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Originally published: August 31 2016
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Short Stories

Faking it



They want me to pretend that all is well.
They want me to put on a show.
They don’t want to hear the truth.
They want me to earn my paycheck by telling lies.

I can’t sell something I don’t believe in.
I can’t fake my enthusiasm.
I can’t keep up this act for much longer.
I’m convinced I’m in the wrong profession.
It’s definitely time to move on.


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Contents compiled: March 15 2015
Originally published: March 15 2015
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The Taker

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I’ve been around longer
than you’ve been alive.
I suck the life
from those around me
and you are no exception —
It’s what I do.

I despise you, 
yet I pretend to love you
more than life itself.
For the most part
you have no clue
of my true intentions.

I don’t care
about your daily life.
Why should I?
My life is more important,
your world is insignificant
compared to mine.

All your attention
needs to be focused on me –
Go to work
and bring me all your money,
perhaps I’ll let you have some, 
but only if you use it on me.

I don’t want to hear
what you had for lunch
or who you talked to today, 
or anything for that matter,
but I’ll tell you all about my day
and you better be interested
and remember all the details!

I will diligently condition you
to think about my needs
above your own.
Before long
I will have you believe
your needs don’t matter —
your purpose is to service me,  remember?

I’m getting bored with you now,
I’ve used up all your usefulness.
If there is nothing else you can give
then why are you here?
Perhaps you should go get a second job
to satisfy my every want and need.
Your need for rest is irrelevant!

I am in your life
for one reason only,
to take what I can from you.
You are just a means to an end — a tool!
I’m hoping you’re too dumb
to realize my hidden agenda
so we can continue to live happily ever after.


Contents written: September 3 2016
Originally published: September 6 2016
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If you had to list the five most important things in your life, what would those things be?

Sometimes, taking a moment to put things in perspective makes us realize what really matters in this life. Are your priorities in the right place?

These are questions I’ve been asking myself lately as I make a major shift in my life. Scary decisions need to be made, and I must admit I don’t have all the answers, but I’m trusting God to see me through this and calling this venture a ‘Faith Mission’.

Here’s my list of priorities these days:
1. God
2. Family
3. Safety
4. Financial security
5. Love

What’s on your list?

Thanks as always for stopping by.



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Poetry, Short Stories

Silenced as lambs…

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As my 4yr old bangs on the doors I cringe.
She calls it music, I call it noise.
As I open my mouth
to request she stop the racket,  I pause, 
holding my tongue — I am silenced.

She’s used to me asking
that she be quiet,
so after her drum session she asks, 
“Mom,  was that too loud?”
I shook my head, “No.”

Then internally I asked myself
how often have I asked her to be quiet?
How often did I see
her 4 yr old creativity as an annoyance?

For a little while
I tolerated her loudness and smiled,
because if I keep silencing her
she may no longer want to be expressive —
I would have silenced her one time too many.

I am now aware
of the power my words can have
on such an impressionable mind,
for, I too, was silenced as a child.

I remember now, how stifled I felt.
It was then that I started 
keeping my thoughts and feelings
to myself.

My mom wondered
why I didnt communicate more.
She called me secretive, 
just like my father.

But why should she expect
communicating to be natural, 
when I spent so much time
being silenced?

Children in my Era
were raised to be
seen and not heard —
Silenced as lambs.

I have to be aware
of my actions now,
with my own children,
so I don’t repeat those mistakes.

I want my children
to be open with me,
to be expressive as individuals, 
to have a voice.

I want them to speak up
in the face of injustice,
but do so in the right forum, 
otherwise their views
will just be disregarded as noise.

I’m on a mission,
to not silence my munchkin,
but to teach her when
it’s okay to be loud and when to be quiet.

Silence should not be
a requirement but a gift —
to reflect,  to recharge,
to respect others.

Choosing silence,
knowing when to be a gentle lamb, 
is much more valuable
than being a silenced lamb.

This is a life lesson I hope to never forget!


Contents written: September 1 2016
Originally published: September 2 2016
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