A-Z Favorites

I’ve never thought of listing my favorite things in alphabetic order but Jokerswild, the winner of my recent Food Quiz, has inspired me to play along.

Here’s my list:
A – authenticity (I am who I am, love me, or not)
B – brains (I love mental stimulation)
C – conversation (communication is so important)
D – dogs (they are my favorite pet)
E – eggs (scrambled or omlette)
F – Friday (it’s the best day of the week )
G – green (my favorite color)
H – hugs (yep, I’m a hugger ☺)
I – imagination (as a writer it’s often a source of inspiration)
J – jokes (I’m a big goofball. I love to laugh)
K – kit kat (candybar)
L – lounging (Saturday is rest day)
M – music (it’s my escape, distraction,therapy)
N – naps (rejuvenation: mental + physical rest)
O – outdoors (I love nature)
P – parenting (I love being a mom)
Q – quiz ( thought-provoking interraction)
R – romance (long overdue)
S – setting goals (I’m proactive, ambitious )
T – toast with honey (nice treat)
U – unexpected blessings (life can stillbe wonderful)
V – vitamins (keeps me healthy)
W – writing (expressing myself this way is my therapy)
X – xerox machines (many days I wish I could duplicate myself)
Y – YouTube (my babysitter lol)
Z – zodiac sign = cancer

So what would your A to Z list look like. Stop by Jokerswild’s blog to see his list. Have fun! 🌷

November 27 2016 (Showcase Reblog)


Some of my wacky favorites from A to Z

Animal- Bengal Tiger, so beautiful

Book- The Rouge Lawyer

Color- Green

Date- 1987.  Seems like a cool date

Energy drink- Powerade

Football Team- Dallas Cowboys

Gum- DoubleMint

Holiday- Independence Day

Ice Cream- Rainbow Sherbert

Juice- Strawberry Lemonade

Kind of exercise- Push-ups.  All about abs

Lunchtime meal- Pizza

Movie- X-Men

Number- 7.  Lucky number!

One-liner- No brain, no pain

Pet- Snake

Quote- I’m not arguing, I’m just explaining why I am right.

Reason to smile- Life

Song- Chandelier by Sia or Out of the Woods by Taylor Swift

T.V show- South Park

Unique Person- Anyone who can smile

Video Game- Resident Evil

Wrestler- Bray Wyatt

X-Men- Gambit

Your vacation place- DisneyLand

Zodiac sign- Cancer

Anybody got any similar taste?  Play along, I’ll be looking for yours.🙂

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A Pair 🃏

Describe a good friend in three words?

My answer:
1. Authentic
2. Understanding
3. Reciprocates

For me, the quality of friends has always been more important than the quantity. I’ve long given up on Facebook since the term ‘friend’ just doesn’t seem to apply. The context for that word just seems ‘off’ in the social media world.

And even if I love it here on wordpress, how well do we really ‘know’ someone from a few posts. Unless there’s communication outside the blog, is this platform enough to determine if someone is a true friend?

There’s so much more to how we choose friends. In many instances we choose the people in whom we can confide when our family members are less than supportive. Our friends fill a specific void, adding richness to our lives in ways we never imagined. Our friends become our extended families and sometimes are closer to us than some of our family members. So how do you define friendship?

Say hello to Jokerswild, the winner of my recent Food Quiz. He’s a new follower to our blog and now the spotlight shines on him! ☺

In his post below, he speaks of the very subjective topic of ‘friendship’. What does friendship mean to you? Read his thought-provoking post… It will certainly inspire you to inspect your current relationships. Enjoy🌷

November 27 2016 (Showcase Reblog)


Friends is a word we use everyday.

Most of the time we use it in the wrong way

Now you can look the word up, again and again

But the dictionary doesn’t know the meaning of friends.

And if you ask me, you know, I couldn’t be much help

Because a friend is somebody you judge for yourself.

Some are okay, and they treat you real cool

But some mistake kindness for bein’ a fool.

*A little excerpt from Whodini*

What’s a friend, how long does it take to get one and how do you know when you caught a keeper.  I’ve got friends that I’ve known through winter, spring and fall.  Then I have some I wish I never knew at all but what seals your deal on a friend?

Sometimes, I don’t think friendship has to do with childhood, length of time or helping one in a bind…

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Food Quiz: Answers and Winners


Hello lovely people,

Last week’s Food Quiz asked,

“In a recent post, I was having a stressful day and needed a bit of comfort food. I proceeded to indulge in a meal I hadn’t eaten in years.

What was the meal? “

Here are the answers we got:
–  Pasta
–  I’m at a complete loss
–  Soup
–  Chicken
–  Chocolate
–  Peanut Butter
–  Calamari
–  I have no idea
–  Cake
–  Chip butty
–  Mac n Cheese
–  Some sort of dessert
–  Honestly have no clue
–  Chocolate
–  Ice cream

Here is the correct answer:
Popeyes chicken. See that post here.

I don’t eat fried chicken anymore. There are just too many health issues with eating such things on a consistent basis. Add to that the long history of high blood pressure and high cholesterol plaguing my family tree,  and being proactive about my health seems to be a wiser course of action. My doctor is happy with my numbers and I’m elated about that.

So how did I end up eating Popeyes chicken? Well, I’d been craving KFC for months and there were none in my area. KFC offers healthy grilled options instead of fried. Then,  to add to my KFC nightmare,  I’d just gotten some bad news from my doctor and a swarm of emotions just bombarded me like bees and I was running for my life. I felt helpless. I felt defeated. How could all my efforts to be healthy still not be enough? How could all my blood work come back great,  and  I’m still faced with the possibility of surgery? It just didn’t seem fair!

So, in a state of confusion,  and dare I say, rebellion, I walked into Popeyes and had me some freakin fried chicken! That was the most unhealthy thing I could have eaten that day because at that point being healthy really didn’t seem to matter.

So there you have it, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!!!

Thanks to those of you who played along this time, it was fun interacting with all of you. Stay tuned for a new quiz next week!

Here is this week’s quiz winner:

Correct answer: chicken (Popeyes Chicken). Jokerswild come on down, you’re this week’s winner!!!!! 😀

Here’s what you’ve won:
For giving the correct  answer you’ve earned 2 spots in my Showcase Reblog. This means I’ll be spending some quality time with you on your blog as I search for two of your posts to reblog on Inner Ramblings Boulevard. It’s my way of saying thank you for your participation and to introduce you to the rest of our followers. ☺

Thanks to all the participants, you all helped to make last week’s quiz rather fun. I appreciate all of you!

Thank you all for stopping by today, without you there would be no Inner Ramblings Boulevard and for this we are sincerely grateful.

Best wishes and big hugs.


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Pebbles In My Shoes by Joel F

Hello lovely people!
Hope you’ve all had a great week. ☺

Have you ever wondered if the path you’re on is the road you’re meant to truly travel? Sometimes the journey can seem so long and daunting. Detours take us to places we never would have chosen to walk, but the journey in and of itself, teaches us lessons we wouldn’t have learned otherwise.

The experiences are ours and ours alone. No one can take them away from us. No one can add or take away from our story, for it is ours, unique and precious. The life you live is your masterpiece — your artwork left behind for others to admire if they truly care to know you.

Say hello to Joel, one of our loyal followers and a participant in my last ‘Personality Quiz‘. Thanks Joel for stopping by my Quiz, the spotlight now shines on you!

Folks, Joel’s post below speaks of his personal journey and his original artwork always adds pizazz to his posts. Hop on over to Joel’s place and show some love. Enjoy! 🌷

October 29 2016 (Showcase Reblog)

Joys of Joel

Then it showed me the way with flickering lights and buzzing bumble sound.  Not leaving through the main hallway but through the backdoor leading to some alleys.

My walk being halted by  pebbles in my shoes, picking up the pieces and throwing those pebbles away.  To my surprise a car slowed down, a stranger inviting me for a ride.

With gratitude i declined and noticed the damaged window shield.  How those tiny rocks so quickly cracked the stranger’s car was beyond me.

And if circumstances are seeking its revenge by slowly enticing me to ride, then surely blowing its horn is not a welcome sight.

The  irony of courtesy and ambivalence courting dangers and respect.  Now, where else would i go when i took off my shoes so there won’t be  any pebbles to halt my motion?

But  pebbles still seep into my sole now that i’m barefooted.  Damn if…

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My Volunteer Experiences

Have you ever wondered if your existence in this world is making a difference? I’ve had a service related job for the past 17 yrs. I thoroughly enjoy helping others and clients have showed their appreciation which in turn fuels my love of helping.

Say hello to Adebisi, one of our loyal followers and a participant in my latest quiz. The spotlight now shines on her as I extend my humble appreciation to her for joining in on the fun. Thank you Adebisi! ☺

In her following post, she shares her latest experience on how she chooses to make a difference in this crazy world. Hop on over to read her story an be sure to show some love. Enjoy! 🌷

October 22 2016 (Showcase Reblog)


This post was inspired by the daily prompt word for today – Volunteer

Birtday groove 5

Most times we think volunteer work is meant to be only recognized when offered in a big organization. I say no that’s not how it works. You can personally volunteer to use your spare time to make a difference in your neighborhood; in the life of some one.

I am volunteering my time to help give psycho social/therapeutic counseling to a person who is struggling with depression. This for me is using my social work skill to help this person get emotional support and balance.

I recently spent  my one month annual leave in helping to plan for the celebration of the elderly in my community. My role included drafting and typing of letters ; sourcing and following up sponsors; sourcing for medical personnel and organizations to give free medical check up; helping with promotional materials etc…

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While Hours

Hello everyone!

Say hello to Sheldon, one of our loyal followers, and the author of many lovely, thought-provoking poems.

I’m always elated when I hear from our followers, so as my way of saying thank you for his recent participation in my latest quiz, Sheldon now has the spotlight!

He is shaking things up on his blog as he rolls out some new material — Sign Poetry, so hop on over, show your love and embrace ‘The Sheldon Perspective’. Enjoy! 🌷

October 22 2016 (Showcase Reblog)

Sheldon Kleeman


I am constantly evolving

Changing to keep my perspective

New,fresh,and innovative

I am rolling out  something new

I am calling it Sign Poetry

I hope you will enjoy

The Sheldon Perspective



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Personality Quiz: Answers and Winners



Hello all,
Yesterday’s Personality Quiz asked,

“In a recent post I referred to myself  as a daredevil. I’ve given myself this title because in my younger days I took some crazy risks.
However, there’s something specific I wanted to learn to do but never got around to it. I’ve since given up on that dream but still fantasize about it from time to time. Can you tell me what it is?”

Here are the answers we got:
– Play the guitar
– Sorry,  no clue (lol)

Here is the correct answer:
Ride a motorcycle. See that post here.

Why do I call myself a daredevil?
I once rollerbladed down a very steep hill while holding on, for dear life, to the hand of a friend. He was an excellent rollerblader so his only instructions were to “hold on and not let go”. Mind you folks,  I was a novice and barely knew how to stop my blades without jumping into a patch of grass. But there I was that bright sunny day,  bolting down that hill at 70 mph and screaming “OMG OMG OMG OMG ” the whole way down! Lmao 😂

Well,  thank goodness God saw fit to preserve my life that day,  and we made it to the bottom safe and sound. But that’s only one of many such tales of ‘Daredevil A’.

Riding a motorcycle would have been a nice addition to that list,  but I think that ship has sailed. Shout out to all you biker babes out there. Think of me whenever you cruise down the highway on your sweet machine. Check out my dream-ride here.

Thanks to those of you who played along this week, it’s been fun interacting with all of you. Stay tuned for a new quiz next week!

Here is this week’s quiz winner:

Unfortunately, we have no winners this week,  but better luck next time. ☺

Thank you all for stopping by, without you there would be no Inner Ramblings Boulevard and for this we are sincerely grateful.

Best wishes and big hugs.



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