What does it mean?



Your words dazzle then fizzle
as they hit the floor,
for they are just that,
words, nothing more.

No actions
to bring them to life,
just empty consonants,
and sentences that rhyme.  

Vowels and silables,
strung together cleverly,
to amuse, to tease,
to show off creativity.  

To conjure emotion;
to mess with the mind;
to elicit some action;
to hook like fish on a line.

A lost fairytale wrapped up
in a cute bow,  given as a gift
to those who don’t care
or even want to know.

So what’s the point
of such coy renditions?
To give air to some sort of
highfoluton sophistication?

To elevate? To chastise?
To encapsulate a thought ?
Or perhaps quite simply
an outlet for wrath?

The things we say
should have some meaning,
not just empty words that hit the floor
as if thrown from the ceiling.

What do your words mean?



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Contents compiled: March 27 2017
Originally published: March 28 2017
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Just For Laughs

Would your spouse do this?

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Phone rings…


‘Spouse For Hire’,  this is Gina speaking,  how may I help you?

Hello Gina, my husband will be home getting my way this weekend so I’d like to make him available.

OK, what are your husband’s skills?

He’s great at assembling furniture but he pretends he doesn’t know how. Perhaps if he got paid he’d be more motivated!

OK. How long will he be available?

Hmm,  let’s see,  2hrs with my favorite book + a soak in the tub + a nap = 4 hrs. Yeah, that sounds good.

OK,  we have a 12pm to 4pm job available.


I’ll make the arrangements.


Later that evening…


Honey,  I have great news!

Her husband:
What’s that darling?

I got you a gig for Saturday! 

Her husband:
What? I had plans of doing a whole lot of nothing this weekend!

I know,  and now you get to make money,  isn’t that FANTASTIC!!!

Her husband:
No honey,  not fantastic,  not fantastic at all!!!

Well look at it this way,  you get to do whatever you want with that money,  it’s all yours!

Her husband:
Huh, all mine? Well that changes everything!

I knew you’d agree…


Contents written: September 12 2016
Originally published: September 12 2016
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