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Gazing at your eyes


Running my fingers
through your hair…

Tracing the outline
of your dimpled cheeks…

Gazing at your eyes
as they stare into mine…

Watching that seductive smile
grow across your lips…

Knowing you’re about to do
something rediculously amazing…

You get me every time…

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Contents compiled: June 19 2017
Originally published: July 22 2017
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Lipstick bandit

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You blew through my mind like a tornado

Causing quite a stir as always.

It’s been a while since I thought of you,

Where have you been?


You stole my heart once

But it wasn’t yours to keep.

I was not yet ready

For the adventures you had in mind,

Nor the secrets you weren’t prepared to share.


You always knew how to make me smile though…

A little unsure, a little wild, a little twisted

But always sweet — to me anyway.

Thanks for returning my heart in one piece!


What brings you back to these here parts?

I thought you were gone for good!

Is it possible that I’m in your thoughts as well?

If so, thanks for thinking of me —

And thanks for the memories!


Hope you’ve been kind to yourself,

Or at least found someone

Who’s been treating you well.

You deserve to be happy,

I’ve always wanted that for you and still do.


Be well…

Contents written: September 15 2015  |  Copyright 2015 Moylom Enterprises

Short Stories

Strangers Collide…


Hair pulled back;
Face fresh,  vibrant,  beautiful.

Tall, well-dressed,
Gentle eyes,  kind smile.

He held the door for her
Then tipped his hat
As he ushered her in.

She blushed delightfully
Then curtsied as she entered
To show her amusement.

He said,
“Hello and goodbye fair lady “.

She said,
” My good sir, I rather just say hello”
[ This is Part 1 of a series entitled Strangers Collide. See Part 2 here. Read entire series here]

Contents written: December 22 2014  | Originally published: December  23 2014  |  Copyright ©  2014-2016 Moylom Enterprises


Sweet Reflection 

I long to feel your lips,

I long to feel your skin.

The thoughts of you make me glow…

I long to be with you mentally and spiritually.

I long to hold your hand.

The thoughts of you make me ecstatic…

I long to be lost in your sensual soul.

I long to hear your sweet voice.

The thoughts of you make me teary eyed…

I long to touch your smile.

I long to be with you.

The thoughts of you make me whole..

It’s a sweet reflection.

Music is Oxygen

A little bit of Julio

Hi guys!
Hope you’re having a great day.
I played a song by Enrique Iglesias yesterday which was super fun. But every time I ‘love me some Enrique’, fans of his dad Julio compare the two.

For me they are both ‘to die for’ so I won’t ever compare Enrique to his papa because I think he’s doing a great job making his own name.

So for all you Julio Iglesias fans, this one’s for you. Enjoy! 🌷



Song: “All of You ~ Julio Iglesias & Diana Ross


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Originally published: September 20 2016
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Craving Comfort



Craving comfort,
Craving your arms.

Craving comfort,
Craving your voice.

Craving comfort,
Craving your smile.

Craving comfort,
Craving your lips.

Craving comfort,
Craving your heart.


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Contents compiled: January 2 2017
Originally published: January 2 2017
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