I got lucky

I’m not one for whom
witty repartee is a thing.
At least I don’t think I am.

But today I got lucky.
I made a customer laugh so hard
the whole floor heard it.

It was a golden moment for me.
One I may not see again soon!
One I hope to never forget.


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Contents compiled: April 26 2017
Originally published: April 27 2017
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Short Stories

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We met at the glove aisle.
Well, it wasn’t an entire aisle, just a rack against a wall in a strategic location – – an after thought of sorts.

The rack was picked clean, and only the not so attractive items remained – – slim pickings on this frigid winter day.

You needed a scarf and gloves while I just needed gloves as my last pair were kidnapped by my eldest over the weekend. As I made my way through the fugly selection of women’s driving gloves and few faux leather men’s gloves, you approached and became visibly discouraged by the remnants. You were immediately drawn to the gloves in my hand since they were thick and super comfortable so I’m pointed them out on the rack but noted they were for women. You didn’t believe me as they seemed so masculine. I agreed and encouraged you to get them instead.

There’s no way I’d be able to wear these without getting a few strange looks!

You agreed, but not without grabbing a pair and proceeding to search for the section with scarves.

Of course, the good stuff was gone and we both busted out laughing when you held up a fuzzy puppy dog scarf appropriate for a 5 year old but certainly not a grown up. You said,

Now that’s a bit too much. Think I’ll pass!

I agreed and you put it back and headed off in search of something more suitable as we bade each other farewell and Happy New Year.

What a laugh that was!

I had been busy and rushing all day with not much time to rest or have a proper lunch. And there I was with only 10 minutes to spare to find a pair of gloves to fight off this New Year deep freeze before plunging neck deep into my rush hour commute.

That moment of laughter turned my mood around and gave me a smile to last the whole sardine-packed, train ride home. I needed that laugh and it came just in time!

I’ve shared this little anecdote to remind us to:

Brighten someone’s day!
Share a smile
Or better yet
Share a laugh.
You never know
When your kind gesture
Would make all the difference.
Share the love…


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We lifted our java-filled, mini-disposable cups,
In defiant, underpaid, overworked solidarity,
Wishing we were lounging fancily
Instead of toiling endlessly without praise.

Then with rambunctious haste we drank our swill,
Knowing one of us will soon be ordered to leave,
For we’ve heard them say via the grapevine,
“Money does not grow on trees! “



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Originally published: January 30 2017
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His laughter



She loves the sound of his laughter.
His voice is like a sweet melody to her ear.
Every nuance of him she saves to memory.

Like a wave washing over her,
Often, his humor brightens her melancholy.
Void of conflict, peace and happiness persists.
Ever loving,  ever caring, he soothes her soul.
She is swept off her feet.

He knows how to please her.
Incessantly he loves her like no other.
Magically he makes her feel alive.


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Contents compiled: September 23 2016
Originally published: September 23 2016
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