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Jellybean taste test



My daughter is home from a sleepover.
As a surprise, I got her some jelly beans,
which she asked for a few days ago.
We are now having a jelly bean ‘taste off’!
There are a few flavors she claims to not like but I’m not picky, I’ll eat ’em all.

So are you into jelly beans?
Do you have a specific flavor of preference?
Or are you like me and would devour them all?


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Contents compiled: March 19 2017
Originally published: March 21 2017
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Quiz, Short Stories

Show and Tell



Tell me your quirks
and I’ll tell you mine.

Here are a couple of mine
Just to get the ball rolling.

1. I don’t like carpet. I prefer hard wood floors and trow rugs that can add lovely warmth to a room but can be picked up and cleaned/washed regularly.

My logic is, because carpet can’t be deep cleaned weekly it’s just a harbor for germs. I’m pretty finicky when it comes to germs.

2. If I’m grocery shopping,  I use produce bags to keep all my meat from touching the rest of my grocery. I do that for my cleaning supplies too.

3. If I get to the grocery checkout and the conveyor belt is dirty I will make them clean it before I put my groceries on there. Why? Because that liquid I see could very well be juices from meat.

4. I like things neat and organized. Chaos and clutter make me crazy.

So what are your ‘preferences’ that some might find ‘quirky’?

Do you think I’m ‘quirky’?


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Contents compiled: March 18 2017
Originally published: March 18 2017
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