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Surf’s Up | Summer Fun…

Hi guys,

Woke up today with a song in my head but when I tried to find it I couldn’t. Seems my ‘wonky brain’ has successfully paired the song in my head with the wrong artist. I’m gonna need my blog partner B, the music genius, to help me sort this one out!

Anyway, in my search, I came across a Sugar Ray song I’d never heard before which reminded me of the peace and relief which came ‘after the rain’ — a huge thunderstorm that came through our area a couple days ago.

It’s been sweltering here in NYC for a bit and we definitely needed that rain to take the edge off. Feels great now! So have a listen to my new music discovery, perhaps it too will help take the edge off for you.

Happy Summer, stay cool and have a great day everyone!🌷


Song: “sugar ray – into yesterday”

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‘Wonky Brain’ meets ‘Music Genius’ …

Hi guys,

Remember a couple days ago,  when I woke up with a song in my head but my ‘Wonky Brain’ had paired it with the wrong artist? Well I had to consult my blog partner B,  the music genius, for help with this one.

I only knew one line and wasn’t quite sure if that was also the name of the song so I sang it to him. In less than 5 seconds B blurted out the correct artist, Smash Mouth, not Sugar Ray, and gave my ‘Wonky Brain’ a much needed break. Whew, what a relief! Thanks B!!! ‘Wonky Brain’ meets ‘Music Genius’!!! 😀

So without further ado, here’s that pesky song. Hope it’s one of your favorites too. Enjoy!




Song: “Can’t get enough of you baby” by Smash Mouth


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