Short Stories

Share the love…

We met at the glove aisle.
Well, it wasn’t an entire aisle, just a rack against a wall in a strategic location – – an after thought of sorts.

The rack was picked clean, and only the not so attractive items remained – – slim pickings on this frigid winter day.

You needed a scarf and gloves while I just needed gloves as my last pair were kidnapped by my eldest over the weekend. As I made my way through the fugly selection of women’s driving gloves and few faux leather men’s gloves, you approached and became visibly discouraged by the remnants. You were immediately drawn to the gloves in my hand since they were thick and super comfortable so I’m pointed them out on the rack but noted they were for women. You didn’t believe me as they seemed so masculine. I agreed and encouraged you to get them instead.

There’s no way I’d be able to wear these without getting a few strange looks!

You agreed, but not without grabbing a pair and proceeding to search for the section with scarves.

Of course, the good stuff was gone and we both busted out laughing when you held up a fuzzy puppy dog scarf appropriate for a 5 year old but certainly not a grown up. You said,

Now that’s a bit too much. Think I’ll pass!

I agreed and you put it back and headed off in search of something more suitable as we bade each other farewell and Happy New Year.

What a laugh that was!

I had been busy and rushing all day with not much time to rest or have a proper lunch. And there I was with only 10 minutes to spare to find a pair of gloves to fight off this New Year deep freeze before plunging neck deep into my rush hour commute.

That moment of laughter turned my mood around and gave me a smile to last the whole sardine-packed, train ride home. I needed that laugh and it came just in time!

I’ve shared this little anecdote to remind us to:

Brighten someone’s day!
Share a smile
Or better yet
Share a laugh.
You never know
When your kind gesture
Would make all the difference.
Share the love…


Contents written: Jan 5 2016 | Copyright 2016 Moylom Enterprises


Lyrics, Music is Oxygen

When we come alive…

Here’s a bit of morning music to add motivation to start your day ☺

My favorite lines of this song:
… We carry on
… We are fine you and I
… We touch the sky when we ignite
… We are souls on fire
When we come alive

Song: “Switchfoot – When We Come Alive [Official Audio]”

Contents written: August 3 2016  |  Originally published: August 5 2016  |  Copyright © 2016 Moylom Enterprises

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Sweet love…

Touch me,
In only places you can
With your Mercy and Grace.

Anoint me,
From head to toe
With your Wisdom and Understanding.

Hold me,
So close to you
That I may behold your Beautiful Soul.

Fill me,
With Abundant Joy
That I have never known.

Take my hand,
And be my guide
For it’s You Alone I trust.

Take my heart,
Guard and Cherish it forever
For you are The Only One who can.

Love me,
Like I’ve never been loved before
For you are my Lord,  My Savior, My Everything!

Contents written: January 16 2016  |  Originally published: January  17 2016  |  Copyright 2016 Moylom Enterprises



A Little Something For Everyone…

If you want nothing to do with Valentine’s Day and all that mushy stuff scroll to the bottom, there’s a special nugget there just for you.

For those who don’t mind delving in, keep reading, there are a couple surprises for you too.

My Sweet Valentine

I told her I’d be there
So I kept my promise
And was right on time.

I walked into the room,
Signed my name,
Then walked over to her table.

Her friends saw me first.
They alerted her to my arrival,
Then I saw her light up.

Right before my eyes
She went from calm and collected
To a huge puddle of gooey mush.

She bounced around uncontrollably;
She giggled and became goofy;
And admittedly, I became silly too.

Her friends gave her permission
To come over and say hello
And with that she leaped into my arms.

Hugs, kisses and “I Love Yous”
Gave way to more giggles and mushy stuff.
The love was apparent and flooded us both.

She is the one who has my heart.
She’s got me wrapped around get little finger
And I’m a mess of emotions over her.

She’s my special Valentine
My one and only puddin’-pie
My darling little munchkin.

Date: February 12 2016
Event: Valentine’s Cookie Decorating
Location: Munchkin’s school
Results: Lots of fun and cool pictures

To all the new couples:
Congrats on finding the one who makes you a mushy mess. Enjoy the feeling. It’s pretty awesome! This song is for you, enjoy!


To the couples who’ve weathered many storms:
Congrats on finding a way to keep your love alive. It takes a long time for us to discover who we are as individuals, let alone understanding someone else we’ve let into personal space, our lives and most importantly our hearts. Relationships aren’t easy, they take work, and you understand this best. You have my praise and admiration. I wanna be you when I ‘grow up’. 😄This song is for you, enjoy!

To the single folks in between relationships:
Congrats on taking time to find yourself, your strength, and your purpose. I’m one of you now. Our stories may be different, but one thing is true, we’re strong enough to be on our own. We don’t need a silly holiday to tell us where we need to be on February 14th! We can spend the day doing what ever the heck we want! Right? 🍷🍹 These gems are for us. Yep, we get two because we’re fabulous, enjoy!



To the folks who want nothing to do with Love or Valentine’s Day or Relationships:
Congrats on finding yet another thing to hate.
You think love is for idiots and can’t wait for St Patrick’s Day for some Crazy, Wild fun. You purposely purchased a box of chocolates and a hammer with which to smash those cursed sweets just to demonstrate your abhorrence for this ridiculous holiday. Hey, I get, I’ve been there! This bit of chocolate smashing ear candy is just for you, enjoy! 😎🍺🍰🔨


As always, thanks for stopping by. Have a lovely weekend.


Contents written: February 13 2016  | Copyright © 2016 Moylom Enterprises


Let’s celebrate !!!

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a mini celebration
important in our lives.
And by the time the year is over
we would have lived
hopefully with no regrets!

~ Moylom Enterprises Jan 2 2016 ~


You know I’ve got a thing for drums!!!!! Back when I did a post called 10 things you didn’t know about me, you discoverd that among other things, I looooove drums!

This is my latest discovery. It makes me smile  and tickles me all over until I just bust out dancing if no one’s watching. I just had to share it with you.

Life is short. Find something or someone to celebrate about/with today and just Dance. Enjoy!


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(Note: If you can’t hear the drums you’re missing half the song. Reach for your headphones 😀)

Contents written: January 2 2016 |  Copyright 2016  Moylom Enterprises