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10 Random facts ‘About Us’



On June 12 2016,  Inner Ramblings Boulevard was nominated for a Liebster Award. It’s our first award as a merged blog and we’re very honored for the recognition.

Thanks to M over at for thinking of us and for always showing up to support our work without fail. We hope to do this task justice so here goes…

We were asked to answer a few questions, here are our answers:

1. What was the scariest moment in your life?

Answer from ‘A’:
Being attacked and abused by my husband while our 3 month old daughter slept in the other room. I thought I’d lose my life that night. My biggest fear was what would happen to her. I fought for my life to be there for her.

2. What or who inspires your writing?

Answer from ‘B’:
Everything. People, life, emotions and personal experiences.

3. How have you overcome writers block?

Answer from ‘A’:
I step away from writing and just read. It doesn’t matter what I read really — business magazines, other blogs, the Bible, stories to my daughter. Inspiration jumps out at me and in some instances, as I comment on other blogs, I’ve turned some of those comments into posts because they had a lasting effect on me emotionally. And if I don’t feel like reading, music helps immensely too. A line from a song can often spark an idea for a post. Life experiences help too.

4. Are you published, would you like to be published?

Answer from ‘B’:
Yes I have 2 books on in a kindle format. “Inside A Poets Cage” and “Craving Lorena”.

5. What do you think is your best poem or short story?

Answer from ‘A’:
It’s hard to pick a favorite poem, I have so many on here. But for a favorite short story I’d definitely pick ‘A Beautiful Thing’ (

6. What’s your favorite novel?

Answer from ‘B’:
Catcher In the Rye by J. D Sallinger

7. If you could meet an author who would you meet?

Answer from ‘B’:
Allen Ginsberg

Answer from ‘A’:
Charles Dickens. I’d love to ask him why in the world he made the book ‘Oliver Twist’ so long and complicated. I lost interest 3/4 the way in. I thought I was long-winded but he’s certainly got me beat!!!

8. If you were trapped on an island what three items would you have?

Answer from ‘B’:
Knife, rope, and a 12 foot chain.

9. What is one thing in the world you’d like to change?

Answer from ‘A’ :

10. How long have you been writing?

Answer from ‘B’:
Since I was a teenager.


5 random facts about ‘A’:

1. I love Home Depot. I’m good with tools and DIY projects. Home Depot gives me tons of ideas for things I can do around the apartment. But beware, I rather go there alone, for once within those doors I won’t leave for a good hour or two. Yeah, don’t ask… ☺

2. I’m a bit of a daredevil. I dont know how to Rollerblade or Rollerskate well but one day, many years ago, I let an old boyfriend take me down a steep, long hill while holding my hand. I screamed all the way down. It was dangerous, yet exilerating !!! Honestly, I could have died if he let me go. Yep, I’m nuts!!!

3. I enjoy watching cartoons on YouTube with munchkin. Johnny Test and Camp Lakebottom are a couple I find quite funny.

4. I grew up with dogs but as outside pets. My family was utterly dumbfounded when I got a dog (inside pet) since they knew me to be the ultimate clean freak. But thanks to my job I got an inside view of what life with a dog indoors was like and found ways to still keep a clean house while enjoying the benefits of a pet. Having her changed my life immensely!

5. Aside from picking wild flowers I love house plants. I rather a house plant than a bouquet of flowers any day. Something to care for as a gift deepens the connection to the person who gave the gift and elicits fond memories many times over. And if you’d still like to bring me flowers, a single rose would do.


5 Random facts about ‘B’:

1. Unlike like my business partner I am not handy. I lack the patience to fix or build things. I ‘can’ fix or build things, it’s just not my forte.

2. I am not a huge fan of action movies because the action in general is so far fetched. I am a fan of romance, drama, horror, Disney and comedies. I love movies based on true events.

3. My favorite animal is the slo loris.
I can recall seeing it at the zoo as a child and the animal stuck inside my head.

4. I am a beer connoisseur. I like trying new beer and embrace the quality, not the quantity.

5. I have an iPod full of almost 11k songs. I love music! I enjoy all genres and all decades.


Here are our nominees:


Ten questions for our nominees:

1. What was the scariest moment in your life?

2. What or who inspires your writing?

3. How have you overcome writers block?

4. Are you published, would you like to be published?

5. What do you think is your best poem or short story?

6. What’s your favorite novel?

7. If you could meet an author who would you meet?

8. If you were trapped on an island what three items would you have?

9. What is one thing in the world you’d like to change?

10. How long have you been writing?


The rules:

Thank the person who nominated you and post a link to their blog on your blog.

Try to include a little promotion for the person who nominated you. They will thank you for it and those who you nominate will also help you out as well.

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Nominate 5 – 11 blogs that you feel deserve the award, who have a less than 200 followers. (Note that you can always ask the blog owner this since not all blogs display a widget that lets the readers know this information!)

List these rules in your post (You can copy and paste from here.) Once you have written and published it, you then have to:
Inform the people/blogs that you nominated that they have been nominated for the Liebster award and provide a link for them to your post or mine if you don’t have all the information so that they can learn about it (they might not have ever heard of it!)


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Short Stories

The first born dilemma

From very early on First-borns learn to behave or else! As a result, they hold themselves accountable for their actions and the consequences thereof. This character trait can be a blessing for it speaks to their integrity and sincerity, but it can also be a curse since they often accept blame where there should be none, beating themselves up unnecessarily.

First-borns are the ones everyone expects to be okay. The ones who always manage to rise above. The ones who never really ask for help, yet are always ready to help others. See, no one expects firstborns to be weak. The first born is next in line after the parents. They are the high-achieving people-pleasers. The ones their parents leave in charge of the others. The ones always expected to be responsible. The ones who are supposed to know better!

Well that’s a lot of pressure for a first born and sometimes they can’t handle the burdens placed on them (visible or invisible). Sometimes they need someone else to shoulder some of the responsibility. Sometimes, just sometimes, as super human as they appear to be, they need help! Yet, try as they might, delegating is rather a tough task to master since they still feel ultimately responsible as quality control is of primary concern.

First-borns don’t trust just anyone to handle important responsibilities. They need help from somone who understands the dynamic of sibling tendencies and personality limitations. It can be someone who understands how much they do. Someone who appreciates their tremendous efforts even if they can’t successfully help beyond moral support. Someone who sincerely wants the best for them. Someone who gets their need to be understood, to be cared for, to be cherished and respected. These are the things a first-born clings to dearly. They thrive on sincerity, they long for companions who understand why they are the way they are and they feel so safe when they find that one person who can see into their soul — anticipating their every need physically, emotionally, spiritually and otherwise. Such a person can be very hard to find since firstborns can hold others to very high standards. But once found they do their best to keep them close and are ravaged when that person is gone.

To be understood, appreciated and accepted for who they really are is the ultimate high a first-born can feel since they were/are held to high standards from birth and those intrinsic values undoubtedly stay with them for life.

They strive for quality, not quantity, and they search for meaning, substance and wholeness relentlessly. They can be a bit quirky since they need to find unique ways to cope with the burden of ‘being perfect’ in the eyes of their parents and those around them. Their sense of perfectionism carries over to many aspects of their lives and can even interfere with decision making skills/abilities.

Some of them need to have a plan for everything, while some are petrified at the thought of making the wrong decision so they refuse to plan at all. Indeed, they can be very extreme!

For example:
– they can be neat and tidy all over the house but have a colossal mess in one special area that’s hidden from immediate view.
– they can follow instructions to a ‘T’ at work but notoriously refuse to read instruction manuals or follow recipes.
– they can love you with all their heart or refuse to invest in love at all, despising the concept completely.
– They can be super strict at work and a mushy mess at home especially with matters of the heart.
– They can be super smart intellectually while clueless/naive in certain matters of life.
– They either love too much or not at all; either care too much or couldn’t be bothered; either all in or all out!

Yes, first borns can be weird! Their Type A personality requires so much discipline that it can totally overwhelm them. They are detail-oriented workaholics with the propensity to over analyze EVERYTHING!

See, I’m a first born so I speak from experience. And if I seem a bit harsh, that’s just me beating myself up like a typical first born, no ill will intended to anyone else, honest!

I met Someone once who understood the firstborn dynamic without even realizing it. Why? Because that person was a first born also! That person understood me so easily — intellectually, emotionally, comically, spiritually and in many other ways. The high I felt from being understood was uphoric! It’s been a long time since I connected with anyone on that level and it freakin blew my mind! I’m not the needy type. I’m supposed to be strong — The fearless first-born, notorious for being independent. Notorious for being off in my own world not caring what the rest of the family thinks. Notorious for making my own way. Notorious for breaking their rules so I can live by my own. The daredevil first-born who has had ‘stunts of defiance’ named after me simply because I was tired of doing what was ‘expected’ and had to break free.

But when this person entered my world I was frozen like a deer in head lights. I was mush! I didn’t know what to do because my “normal” had shifted off-balance — the bar was raised. I felt a sense of completeness having that person around and now everyone else seems inferior. Sigh…

Life has a way of throwing us curve balls and this person showing up was definitely a Big Ole Curve Ball. I had gotten so used to settling for “ok” but now I know “ok” isn’t good enough, I want more! I now expect better of my employees, friends and significant other (when that time comes). That person has since moved on to bigger and better things, and with all transitions of life our paths converged briefly and have now taken us in different directions. I am blessed to have met such an individual and hope I never forget my uphoria for it has truly opened up my soul/vision/horizons in anticipation of better things to come. Thank you dear friend for picking up my snow globe and giving it a good shake! I guess it was time for the life I knew inside my little bubble to be examined thoroughly.  The winds of change are coming and you’ve given me permission to expect more!  Be well my friend where ever you are.  You are amazing!  😊

Note 1:

My thoughts on this topic are based on a book by Dr Kevin Leman called “The Birth Order Book: why you are the way you are”, as well as my own observations of first born behavior.

Note 2: 

First born characteristics can also be seen in persons of other birth orders if there is a huge gap in births or if older siblings (perhaps from a previous marriage/relationship) do not live in the same home.

I find this topic extremely fascinating! It’s so amazing how the human mind works and how our behavior is altered simply by our birth order.

Thanks for stopping by. Feel free to share your thoughts.

Best wishes,

*Originally published November 2015

Contents written: October 20 2015 | Edited: October 25,  November 16 2015 | Copyright 2015 Moylom Enterprises

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Happy Thanksgiving


Hello lovely people! Happy Thanksgiving!!!

This Thanksgiving I have lots for which to be thankful.

1. I have an amazing Father. He knows all my needs. He knows all my dreams. He knows my pain. He knows how much I’ve suffered. He knows how far I’ve come. He knows how far I’ve yet to go. He knows my future. Without my heavenly Father I would be completely lost. He is guiding my path. He is my light in the darkness. Thank you God! You are the Spirit that spoke…

2. I have an awesone best friend who believes in me in moments when I don’t believe in myself. Pushing me to step out of my comfort zone. Pushing me to reach for the stars. My dreams are being realized and my best friend has been holding my hand all the way. Thank you. ☺ You are the Gardener…

3. I have amazing friends watching over me. They are taking care of many of my needs. Needs I never anticipated. Needs I cannot tend to on my own. Needs only my Father knew existed. Friends, you are my angels…

4. I have family who love me. My family is not perfect, but when push comes to shove they rally the troops to fight for any of us in trouble. Thank you! Family, you are my soldiers…

5. I have this blog and all you lovely people with whom I communicate every day. You folks have added an interesting twist to my life and I can’t imagine not blogging. I love it here!!! You are my inspiration!

So what are you thankful for today?

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. 🌷


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It’s our anniversary!!! 😀



Two years ago,  November 2014, this blog began as simply Inner Ramblings. There was only one of us at the helm of this ship, me,  aka ‘A‘.

The Ramblings were my own — my thoughts,  my feelings, my experiences.  I wrote through good times and bad. I wrote because it was my therapy — a place to vent,  a place to heal,  a place to find strength, a place to fantasize,  a place to reminis, a place to share my faith, a place to hope.

I’ve seen myself grow and though I’ve survived a lot,  I know I still have a long way to go to heal the many wounds I’ve endured. I’m grateful to all of you who read and offererd kind words of encouragement. I love it here!

Then, when I thought having all of you and this blog was the best thing since sliced bread, I stumbled upon ‘B’. His blog was called Wordsmith Boulevard and aptly so because ‘B’ certainly has a way with words!

In June 2016, we joined forces (B’s idea) to create Inner Ramblings Boulevard and if you visit our news page you’ll get to see the progression of the merger.

Many wondered why we joined two blogs that were so very different. The simple answer is variety! B,  being the visionary,  saw it as a plus to give our readers variety, and by golly he was right! (I’ve always wanted to use by golly in a sentence lol).

Our merge was not without kinks,  some of which we’re still working out, but we’ve been sailing along at a pretty fast clip and loving every minute of it.

We love you guys and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support through good times and bad. Without all of you there would be no Inner Ramblings Boulevard, so celebrate with us as we do our little happy dance! ☺

Have a great day.

A & B



Song: Kool and The Gang — “Celebration”


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Silent Winds of Change


This is a different kind of Monday.
I’m not hurried or exhausted,
Instead,  I’m well rested for once
And it feels wonderful!

A change of scenery
Certainly is good for the soul.
The healing has begun —
Mind, Body and Spirit.

This is the first day
Of the rest of my life.
I may mourn a few losses
But I know those tears will cleanse.

This is a different kind of Monday,
I will be still for a moment in thankfulness
To The Gardener for sowing his seeds
I’m eager for Spring to see his garden bloom.

The silent winds of change
Are blowing good things my way.
I feel the peace they bring —
I feel the bright hope of the future.



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Beat the Heat: Ice Cream Edition – Part I

Here, in NYC, we had a few days of cool temperature towards the end of August. I was fearful, like many others were, that we had to brace ourselves for another early winter. Lo and behold, it was hot and humid this week, so I guess summer isn’t quite done with us yet.

The following post by Wendy, one of our Food Quiz winners, gives us many refreshing ways to help cool us down. So, here’s to the tail end of hot weather here in NYC!!! 🍻
Check out her work and show some love. Enjoy! 🌷

September 10 2016


There is no better or cooler way to beat the heat than with ice cream. It’s a classic treat that brings relief and sweetness to a hot, sweltering day.

I would say texture is the number 1  thing I look for in ice cream. I love a good soft serve and a creamy ice cream is a dreamy ice cream ;). But I love to find bits and pieces of textural contrast that just provides your mouth with a nice surprise.

Some of my favorite ice cream spots to enjoy in NYC include Big Gay Ice Cream, Ample Hills Creamery, Brooklyn Farmacy, Minus Celsius Ice Cream, I-CE NY Ice Cream, and Chinatown Ice Cream Factory.

View original post 1,010 more words

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Hello beautiful people…
Guess what happened? You and God happened!!!

On Thursday, September 8 2016, Inner Ramblings Boulevard achieved a phenomenal milestone — Yep, 1000 followers! We wouldn’t be here without all of you, and for the simple fact that we feel blessed daily from above. Thank you!!

In all honesty, this happened way ahead of schedule so we’re very humbled that you appreciate our presence here on WordPress and demonstrate that daily via your ‘likes’  and ‘kind comments’. Your support keeps us going and every weekend it is our new initiative to return the love by ‘showcasing’ the work of our dedicated followers aka ‘Showcase Reblogs’. Stay tuned for more details on this in the upcoming weekends.

That’s all for now. Thanks as always for stopping by, and thanks for ‘following’ !

A + B.


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