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Well, this is the beginning of it…

Here are the clues:

  • Not wanting to talk to/ see anyone else.
  • Internal turmoil over right vs wrong.
  • Feeling vs thinking: The heart wants what it wants and often overrides rational thought.
  • The object of their affection can do no wrong.
  • Everything is amplified: Magnificent, fantastic, amazing!!!
  • Emotions so strong they are powerful yet dangerous, fierce yet sweet, comfortable yet disturbing, amazing yet messy.
  • They can’t stay away from each other: They are miserable apart yet so delightfully messy together.

Can you solve the puzzle?

Yes, it seems this is the beginning of it,  they’re falling in love…

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[This is Part 8 of a series entitled “Their Story”. See Part 9 or Start from the beginning ]

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Short Stories


The best thing about falling
Is knowing someone is there to catch her.
Letting go feels amazing!
No more walls to keep her safe,
Just freedom to be herself
And be accepted as she is.

[This is Part 6 of a series entitled “Their Story”. See Part 7 or Start from the beginning]

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Letting go…

Her final wish…

One day…
May the woman of your dreams
Love you fiercely.
May she know your value,
Nurture your spirit
Empower your soul,
Calm your fears
And make you happy
Beyond your wildest dreams.
And if it means
She makes you forget
All about me,
Then she has earned
Her place in your life.
I just hope she’ll discover as I did
How special you are.
Find love, be happy, be safe,
And most of all
Be free to find your destiny!

Those were the words she wrote to him in final acceptance of the end of their romance. And then she cried endlessly…

[This is Part 11, the end of a series entitled “Their Story”. See The Prequel to the series or Start series from the beginning

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The day after “goodbye”

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She woke up that morning unsure of what to do with herself. She reached for the phone to send him a “good morning” message but remembered, yeah, they agreed to not do that anymore.

She really should have been doing her morning meditation anyway, but her heart wasn’t in it. She was overcome by the intense feeling of loss — She was missing him terribly.

It was her day off. She’d hoped to have breakfast or coffee with him but he had to work. But yeah, they’re not doing that anymore either. It’s over! Everything’s over!!!

So there she sat, at the benches approaching the beach, replaying the events of the first walk they took together, wishing he was there next to her, holding her hand and making her weak in the knees by the way his eyes looked into her soul. She missed him so much it hurt. She sat silently, staring off into the distance, lost in thought, and simply dying inside.

She finally summoned the strength to walk along the boardwalk, slowly, in the direction of her home, in the opposite direction of his. She’d hoped her melancholy pace would delay the inevitable emptiness that awaited her there. She knew that the longer she stayed among the brave souls doing their morning exercises it would deter her from collapsing into a puddle of tears once alone. But home finally arrived and before she could finish her cup of tea the tears began to fall like rain.

By 10 am all hopes of having a productive day were gone and she crawled into bed with a box of tissue and her phone as her only companions. There she spent the rest of the day crying, sleeping and wishing it was all a bad dream, but it wasn’t.

“This too small pass!” she told herself, for she knew that all too well. She’d been there before but somehow this time seemed different. Perhaps because she knew there would be an end to “their story” — that what they had wasn’t meant to last forever — but she just didn’t expect the end to arrive so soon. Nor did she expect to fall in love with a guy so much younger and of a spiritual persuasion similar to hers but of a religion so steeped in rituals and tradition their union would never be accepted. This wasn’t what either of them expected and she wondered how “fate” could be so cruel. What was the point to bring him into her life when she wasn’t even looking to meet anyone? What was the point to them bonding so easily, so wonderfully, so completely only to have that bond be broken so suddenly, so soon? What lesson was she/were they meant to learn from all this? What was the point of all of it???

Saying goodbye would have been so much easier if she didn’t love him, but she did. It would have been easier if he was cruel, but he wasn’t. In fact he cared for her deeply and his actions spoke of this often even more than his words. Somehow though, she had to love him enough to let him go but doing so would be torture!

She thought:

How do I forget you
When I don’t want to?
How do I stop missing you
When you’re all I think about?
How do I stop needing you
When you made me feel so complete?
How do I move on
When you mean so much more than words can say?

My world seems empty now
My smiles have disappeared
My eyes are sad and teary
My heart is broken
I mourn for you as though you’ve died
I miss you so much it hurts

And then she wondered if he was missing her too…

[This is Part 10 of a series entitled “Their Story”. See Part 11(end) or Start from the beginning.]

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Originally published: October 2015

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She gave
What he didn’t expect.
What she needed
He shouldn’t give.

She would have
Loved him fiercely —
And given her
Fragile heart completely,
But he didn’t want her to.

Their love
Was forbidden
And would probably
Not be accepted.

He wanted her to have
The love she deserved,
He knew he had
To set her free.

As per the ritual,
His future couldn’t include her,
So now he must become her past —
She too must set him free.

Torn between
Loving him enough
To set him free,
And loving him so much
To not want to let him go,
She had no choice.

The emotional turmoil
Was unbearable for them both.
Heartbroken they finally said goodbye,
Holding on to memories
So potent, so special,
But all so bitter-sweet.

[This is Part 9 of a series entitled “Their Story”. See Part 10 here or Start from the beginning.]



Originally published: October 2015

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“Their Story”: The Prequel

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Her heart’s desire… (Before they met)

Push me
Out of my comfort zone
So I may broaden my horizons,
And aspire to great things with you.

Thrill me
With laughter, intrigue, and wisdom
So we may share in all the fun
Two hearts can find together.

Woo me
With your kindness, love,
Sincerity, and loyalty
So we may grow old together
In our own ‘happily ever after’.

Encourage me
To seek God first
Before all else
So He may guide
Our paths in unison.

Challenge me
To be healthy, to be frugal,
To be open, to be me.
So we may age gracefully,
Happily,  two minds as one.

Adore me
Everyday, in ways
That always surprise me
For my eyes and heart
Will only be for you.

Inspire me
To pursue my dreams,
To have an opinion, to be unique
For my independent spirit
Needs room to fly,
But I will always return to you.

Converse with me
About your hopes, your dreams,
Your interests,  your worries.
You will have my ear, my shoulder,
My advice, my inspiration,
My encouragement, my adoration,
My laughter, my love, my heart…

Hold with care
My hand, my heart,
My body, my soul
And cherish them always!

[This is the Prequel: Part 1 to the series entitled “Their Story”. See Prequel: Part 2 below or Start “Their Story” from the beginning]

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How they met 

It was a Sunday.
She was sitting outside
enjoying the remnants
of a lovely summer-like day in early Fall.
Her head was down, buried in her phone,
Avoiding eye-contact, behind her sunglasses.
It was a routine she’d mastered well —
It kept many away.
And those who dared to gain entry
Were usually ‘shot down’ on the spot.
Because “Love” was not her friend.

Love was the enemy!
She had no control over it.
It controlled her.
It was never where she expected it to be
And every time she found it
She ended up hurt as a result.
She had given up on the whole concept.
She concluded it was evil
And decided to keep her distance.

He came along her blindside.
She had no time to prepare
a defense maneuver.
He approached and crossed several barriers
in a few short steps:
– He addressed her directly and confidently
– He invited her out
– He engaged her in very intelligent conversation;
– He wasn’t afraid of her bodyguard dog.

She was impressed but still skeptical.
She relentlessly tried to discourage his advances
For she knew her past would be hard to accept
But he was steadfast
(And delightfully cute).
He saw past her pain
And caught a glimpse of her soul —
He wanted to see her again.

Immersed in deep conversation
They could have gone on effortless for hours
Unfortunately he had to leave,
But before he did
He bestowed upon her and
Her family a special wish,
Then he said goodbye.

Unsure if she’d ever see him again,
(Dating can be such a cruel game to some)
She pondered his words
Along with the fact
That he found a way
To get inside her space —
Her bubble of safety —
Which could sometimes be a bit lonely.

She didn’t think she had much to offer
Given her situation
And she’d told him so.
She’d had a tough life,
Which made her outwardly strong
But broken inside, jaded, skeptical
And a little less hopeful,
But he didn’t care!

So this is me.
Take me as I am
And I’ll do the same but
Proceed at your own risk!

Those were her words to him and so began “Their Story”…

[This is the Prequel: Part 2 of a series entitled “Their Story”. Stay tuned for a spin-off series or Start from the beginning]


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It’s the little things…

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Image source:

This tweet made her laugh.
Laughing made her think of him.
Thinking of him made her happy.
Being happy made her grateful.
Being grateful made her humble.
Feeling humble made appreciate
God’s grace and forgiveness.
Accepting God’s forgiveness
made it okay to love him.
Loving him, truly opened up her soul…
Who knew one tweet could be so powerful!

[This is Part 7 of a series entitled “Their Story”. See Part 8 or Start from the beginning.]

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