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Plant vs Toddler

plant vs toddler

As Winter winds down and Spring is fast approaching (I hope), I’ve begun planting seeds to expand my indoor garden from just flowers to veges too. However, a few days ago, I witnessed the slow wilting of one of my plants AGAIN, which eventually died yesterday. Cause of death? Drowning!

The poor plant, a perky little seedling, had begun sending out more mature leaves as that of its full grown counterparts and just shed its infant leaves. I was so proud of its progress since this was the lone survivor of the four I planted a few weeks ago.

The first one died of a broken neck/stem as my lovely little princess tossed a ball madly all over the house. The second had its dirt dug into as my princess-pirate tried to find a place to hide her treasure. The third had another plant fall on top of it as princess and doggy played a pretty intense game of tag. So with all the other siblings gone, I was really rooting for this little orphan, but sadly she has now passed on to Rest in Peace.

Today, as I transferred the dirt from that seedling’s pot to one slightly larger to plant new seeds, princess asked if she could help. I was sad at the loss of my plant and she could tell but I allowed her to help anyway so she could understand the process and how important it was to take care of her things as well as those of others. She is also becoming a great little helper and I’m using all these little opportunities to develop her sense of importance and self-worth. (Stuart M. Perkins describes the importance of teaching kids self-worth beautifully in his post here: As we talked she told me that she gave the plant a lot of water because she didn’t want it to get thirsty and die. I smiled as I told her thanks for taking care of it but to wait for mommy next time since the plant only needs just a little bit to drink as she was still a little baby seedling and not yet big like the other plants.

Our gardening/self-worth lesson ended with an apology from her and hugs and kisses for us both. She is growing nicely and it’s so much nicer when things end with hugs and not tantrums.

Looking forward to the new seedlings and for Spring too — God willing!

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The things kids say…

A few days ago my daughter heard a dog barking. Curious to see what all the noise was about,  she went to the window to investigate.  I had pushed the window way up high past the bug screen since the heat was coming up really strong that day and the house was rather hot,  so she was able to stick her little hands above the screen out into the dark night while still being protected by the window guards.

As she continued to investigate the barking dog she held a couple of her Dora toys out the window and said,

“Doggy, stop that barking. Here, say hello to my little friend! ”

I chuckled silently for I knew those words,  even though said from the most innocent of places, a child’s heart, had a very different meaning to most people familiar with the movie Scarface.  And even if you’ve never seen or heard of that movie,  just those few lines taken from the movie have a life of their own and are known around the world.

I am constantly amazed at the ‘things kids say’, but alas, I hope she doesn’t take that line to school, for her teachers may be wondering what I allow her to watch on TV and I may have some explaining to do. (For the record,  I have not watched that move in many, many years and it’s certainly not one I would watch in her presence).

Nevertheless, I love that she simply wanted to calm the dog even if that was the only way she could think of at the time. Perhaps it came from the love she has for her own pooch, which she loving refers to as her sister or best friend.  I’m glad she has had the opportunity to have a pet as part of the family – – we all are. Our hearts are bigger and better as a result.

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The Bathroom

The Daily Post’s writing prompt “Pens and Pencils,” asked the following question:

When was the last time you wrote something substantive — a letter, a story, a journal entry, etc. — by hand? Could you ever imagine returning to a pre-keyboard era?

Here’s my response:

I scribble things all the time: grocery lists, inspirational notes to myself,  thoughts I wish to develop into blog posts, things I need to tell my mom while on the phone (otherwise I will never remember until after I hang up) etc. I also write personal thank you notes or personal notes in holiday cards. But to write something from start to finish that was substantial and comprehensive, I can’t remember the last time I did that. The furthest I would most likely get is a rough draft and with the ability of smart phones to do so much more these days, most of my ideas or rough drafts are there and not floating around on a piece of paper.

The ability to edit via ‘cut and paste’ has made writing huge pieces of material so easy that doing so by hand seems almost pointless. It’s so clumsy — so outdated! And with the advances made in recent years to save the environment by going paperless or attempting to do so, there’s a tug on the conscience every time I grab a piece of paper to scribble. Hence the reason I save blank scraps of paper from the mail like opened envelopes, documentation that has a blank backside, paper stuffing from packages etc. And once I’m done I set aside those used scraps to be recycled and not trashed — to further save the environment.

A few days ago, however, I was forced to scribble a few thoughts on the back of a newspaper because my daughter had my phone. Sometimes it’s the only thing that would keep her quiet long enough for me to take a shower (uninterrupted). But the account of that event can be better understood below:

“I don’t understand why you need to know what I’m doing in the bathroom!”

Those are the words I shouted at my 3 yr old when she asked, “Mom what are you doing in there? Are you pooping?”

Actually, I was about to take a shower, but as I went in and locked the door, the silence, however fleeting, allowed my brain the freedom to defragment the many thoughts and ideas that were floating about aimlessly and causing quite a clutter.

I scribbled as many thoughts as I could fit onto the back of the paper I was reading before they vanished. So what if I was sitting on the potty at the time? That’s no one’s business but my own! Or at least, that’s what I thought…

Embarrassing? Yes! I shake my head in disbelief that this is actually my life — A life where I can’t even take a shower (or whatever else) without having to ‘announce to the outside world’ my actions or intentions. But the sooner I make peace with this the better — at least for the sake of my sanity, for it is a life I chose — to be a parent!

bathroom knocking

Nevertheless, that’s the last time I wrote anything longer than a grocery list by hand, and those thoughts are still in rough draft form (on the back of the newspaper) as I am yet to refine them into actual finished products. They were/are great ideas worth noting, whether the rest of the world thinks so, that’s left to be seen. Can I imagine returning to the pre-keyboard era? Not likely — at least not of my free will! But if I HAD no choice I guess I’d survive, just as I assume my cave-woman instincts of survival would kick in (eventually) if I were forced to live in the wild (laughing aloud — at myself).

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