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Finding strength in friendship…



In the silence
When I can’t hear your voice
I try to imagine the direction
I should look to find you.

I’m not great
With such spacial orientations.
North,  South,  East, West?
They all seem to leave me puzzled.

But somehow, without fail,
I seem to find your heart
Because you are searching
For mine too.

Your soul reaches over
The many obstacles
Which others find daunting
And it finds mine.

I keep thinking
One day your eyes
Would dig too deep
And see unsightly parts of me,

And just like that
Your soul would finally stop
Searching for mine
And disappear into the shadows.

So I try to think of reasons
You shouldn’t look so closely,
But you’re not the superficial type
You live for depth, you’re not afraid.

You don’t mind getting messy
And it amazes me
That you aren’t deterred
By the state of my garden.

You’re willing to help me
Till the stubborn soil
To soften and mulch,
To plant new seeds of love.

Like the seasons
My Spring will soon come.
And hopefully,  those seeds
Will bloom into something wonderful.

So I hope you’ll stick around
To bear witness to your handiwork,
To see how much I’ve grown
Because of you.


Contents written: April 12 2015 | Originally published: June 19 2016  |  Copyright ©  2016 Moylom Enterprises


The Quiet makes me Cold



It’s 9:30 am.
I’m the only one awake.
I’m hungry
But the quiet lures me in.
“Stay awhile, ” it whispers,
“no need to rush.
Just enjoy our time together,
Just us!”

How could I refuse
Such an intimate request?
So I stay,
Pulling the covers up to my neck
Snuggling in to my pillow;
It knows me so well,
I smile…

I read for a while
And it smiles too
Knowing how much
These moments mean to me.
If only it knew how
To cook and other such things,
Breakfast in bed
Would have been a delight!
But alas,
Though I’m drawn to its kind —
The strong, silent type —
It cannot fulfill all my needs.
How sad…

It is then that my heart
Pines for a love lost.
The quiet always
Conjures up memories of him.
Then, as if on cue,
The chill of the room
Transfers to my body,
And I am cold
From head to toe.

For though my heart
Still beats for him
He is gone
And the loneliness
That has taken his place
Is like a fire
Whose light has been doused with water
There is no warmth left,
I’m just cold.

The quiet senses my sadness now
And walks away,
For it knows not
How to comfort me.
And as it opens the door
The noise rushes in
To save the day.
Everyone is finally awake;
My thoughts of him
Disappear temporarily,
But I’m still cold
For I miss him so…

Contents written: December 6 2015 |  Copyright 2015 Moylom Enterprises |


Short Stories

Thinking of you…



Hello lovely people!!!

I have a confession to make.
When I’m busy and neck deep in activities that don’t allow me time to be on wordpress I miss you guys!!!

I know you must be thinking I need to get a life. Hey,  that’s not nice!!! I DO have a life,  it  just includes you. Got a problem with that? Nope, didn’t think so!!! ☺

I’ve been blogging since November 2014 and I’ve grown immensely since then. This blog has become an important part of my life and being able to share my time and experiences with you makes it all worth while.

So hello lovely people,  have I told you lately just how much I love you? ❤

Sending big hugs to you all. Have a fantastic day!


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Contents compiled: November 17 2016
Originally published: November 18 2016
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Dreaming of you



Once upon a dreary morning,
The wind blew strong its chill felt deeply.
I had no desire to be outside,
It’s only September my body cried!

I walked the dog and went back to bed,
And had sweet dreams of you instead.
You kissed my lips as I was sleeping,
I felt you close, and your heart beating.

The doorbell rang and broke my slumber.
How dare they foil the best dream ever?
I went to see the perpetrator
But no one was there, nary a neighbor.

So was the bell I heard also a dream?
Or was it some elaborate childish scheme?
I went back to bed quite annoyed,
Wishing you’d return to fill my void.

But your presence was never again my joy
For though I wished the magic went array.
I tossed and turned earnestly desiring
You’d return to me to again my darling.


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Contents compiled: October 1 2016
Originally published: October 2 2016
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My body


Dinner is over
But here I still sit
Unable to move
I’m tired…
My body aches
For the touch
Of a healing hand.

I haven’t been to the gym
Since the summer heat began.
I have trouble breathing when it’s too hot —
I feel depleted easily — lightheaded.
Aware that the heat is my enemy,
I make a conscious effort to
Taking things slow —
I must listen to my body.

Perhaps that’s why I ache;
Perhaps things are seizing up again;
Perhaps I’m slowly undoing
All those months of physical therapy —
All those months of healing at the gym.
I need to do my stretches,
Even if I’m not hustling to the gym —
I need to make the time — I know better.
My body needs attention.

Then I’m struggling with side effects
Of new medication.
Isn’t it funny how a fix for one thing
Breaks something else?
This also leaves me feeling depleted —
I’m not feeling myself.

But wait, I’ve had a headache all day,
Now I feel chilly and achy.
What if I’m getting sick?
What if I’m catching
That little bug from munchkin?
Oh gosh, I have no time for illness now!

I’ll have to self-medicate,
But what I really need is balance.
I need rest, nourishment, healing.
My body aches
For the touch
Of a healing hand.

Contents written: August 1 2016  |  Originally published: August 2 2016   | Copyright © 2016 Moylom Enterprises

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Sweet Conversation…


Today was one of those rare days when I had an hour or two to kill and I just sat still instead of fill that time with chores. It certainly helped that I had sweet conversation to keep me stationary and so, an otherwise busy day ended on a mellow, reflective note of which I’m thoroughly pleased.

Here’s to mellow days and the sense of peace they can bring. Hope you had a lovely Wednesday a.k.a. Hump Day.






Song: “Need You More” 

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