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Moment of clarity



The truth is,
My insecurities caused me
to let people into my life
who were unhealthy for my wellbeing.

My young-adult, low self-esteem
clouded my judgment.
My needs, unmet as a child,
left a void I sought to fill relentlessly.

There was no love to be found
in any of the places I looked.
Thirty years of searching
makes the heart a little weary.

The candle of hope
dwindles with each passing decade.
The truth is,
My insecurities were by curse.

This was a tough lesson to learn.
I’ve always wondered
what I was doing wrong
but the answers never came.

I’ve grown significantly since then,
and I understand better
who I am and what I deserve.
I finally had a moment of clarity today.


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Contents compiled: March 29 2017
Originally published: March 30 2017
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Short Stories

Please tell her I love her…

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From birth until now
She has had to fight
For her independence.

An emotionally distant father,
An emotionally abusive mother,
An entire childhood of low self worth.

Mental games, manipulation,
Blackmail, control tactics —
It’s a miracle she made it out alive.

Her battle scars
Are wrapped around
Her mind, heart and soul.

Forty years is a long time
To be in battle.
No wonder she’s tired!

I don’t pity her,
She doesn’t want or need that,
She needs my love much more.

It’s so easy to love her,
But she resists —
She thinks she needs to earn it.

When I tell her
My love is unconditional
She cries in humility.

She just can’t understand
How she deserves
Such an untethered gift.

She has gone so long
Without true love
She finds me too good to be true.

Her battle scars
Are her pride and joy
In them she has found character.

If only she knew
I’d happily fight for her —
If only she’d let me.

Sometimes I think she forgets
I gave my life for hers once.
Will you please tell her I love her?



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Contents written: May 17 2016  |  Originally published: May 18 2016  |  Copyright © 2016 Moylom Enterprises


Only one castle will remain


Sky-scrapers fall.
Beach houses wash away.
Country cottages rot.
Dessert huts burn.
City apartments are temporary.
But yet YOUR castle remains.

You are Lord of ALL.
Your foundation withstands.
Your truths endure.
Your WORD never waivers.
When all else fails YOUR castle stands.
In the ‘end’ only one castle will remain.

This post was inspired by a writing challenge to choose any two words from a specific list and use them in the title of my poem. I chose to use ‘one’ and ‘castle’ for this piece.

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Contents compiled: October 13 2016
Originally published: October 13 2016
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Boys vs Men…


Just so you know…
I saw you that day —
You saw me, hid your face, then ran away.

I’ll never forget
The image of you
Scampering off into the distance.

Those are the actions of a boy not a man.
I pretended not to see you
But, behind my sunglasses, I did.

In that very instant I realized
Everything you said of yourself was true,
But I’ll leave you now to recall your own words…

Contents written: June 23 2016  |  Originally published: July 16 2016  |  Copyright © 2016 Moylom Enterprises