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Keep trying!

Hello lovely people!

Hope your week is going well.
Chilling with Pink for a bit today.
Though she’s edgy and fun, and sometimes just plain outrageous (which I can totally get into when in the mood), she does have a softer side that tells me she’s just as complicated as the rest of us.

The following lines from her song ‘Try’ always speak to me because I can relate to it no matter what state my life is in. The message is applicable across the board and so I hope you can find meaning in it too. Enjoy! 🌷

Where there is desire, there is gonna be a flame
Where there is a flame, someone’s bound to get burned
But just because it burns, doesn’t mean you’re gonna die
You gotta get up and try, and try, and try
Gotta get up and try, and try, and try
You gotta get up and try, and try, and try
– Pink –



Song: “Pink -Try (Lyrics)


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