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Was it all for nothing?


Feels like she’s spent
her whole life waiting.

Waiting to be noticed
for all the right reasons.

Waiting to be loved
by someone true.

Waiting for an end
to her struggles.

Just waiting.

Did he even notice
she’s waiting for him
to show his heart?

Was all of her waiting
for nothing?


Image source: Digital Art by A ~ I.R.B
Contents compiled: April 28 2017
Originally published: April 28 2017
Copyright © 2016 Inner Ramblings Boulevard


Holding on to hope

Image source: Google images


— HOPE —
The one thing we have
That keeps us looking for a tomorrow.
The one thing we hold on to ever so tightly
For without it what’s the point of living.
~ Moylom Enterprises ~

May the hope that lies in us all allow us to patiently await Love, Good Fortune, Peace of Mind or whatever else our hearts desire. Blessings and joy to you all ^_^

*Originally published June 2015

Contents written: March 31 2015 | Edited June 2 2015 | Copyright 2015 Moylom Enterprises.