Twisted, mangled, complex.
I break them down.
I tear them apart.
I search for meaning.
I decode hidden gems
the average eye won’t see.

I love them.
They have great power
when used wisely.
They give great strength
when understood.

She said,
“I’ll see you in a minute!”
I assumed she meant,
I’ll see you in roughly 1 to 5 minutes
ten minutes tops!
She showed up an hour later. Wtf!

He said,
“See you later…”
I assumed he meant,
See you later on today or
some time in the next 24 hours.
I saw him, 3 days later. Bummer!

Do you know
the power of your words?
Do you stand by your words?
Do you understand
how your words affect others?

Think about the things you say.
Don’t just use words
because you think
it’s what someone wants to hear.
Think before you speak
or don’t say anything at all.


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What does it mean?



Your words dazzle then fizzle
as they hit the floor,
for they are just that,
words, nothing more.

No actions
to bring them to life,
just empty consonants,
and sentences that rhyme.  

Vowels and silables,
strung together cleverly,
to amuse, to tease,
to show off creativity.  

To conjure emotion;
to mess with the mind;
to elicit some action;
to hook like fish on a line.

A lost fairytale wrapped up
in a cute bow,  given as a gift
to those who don’t care
or even want to know.

So what’s the point
of such coy renditions?
To give air to some sort of
highfoluton sophistication?

To elevate? To chastise?
To encapsulate a thought ?
Or perhaps quite simply
an outlet for wrath?

The things we say
should have some meaning,
not just empty words that hit the floor
as if thrown from the ceiling.

What do your words mean?



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Short Stories

Emoji madness!!!


Hey all!

I see a plethora of emojis all over social media. In my opinion, the purpose of these symbols is to add emotion and personality to the blurbs we write on a daily basis just so our words are not misunderstood.

I am very careful with my written words in an effort to convey the intended meaning. I am also very careful with my use of these emotion-bearing symbols. There are a few I use generally,  and you’ve seen them here frequently (☺🌷😉 👍😂🍻😔 ), but there are special ones I save for those I’m more intimate with (😍👄💋❤). And of course,  there are the naughty /suggestive ones I will save for use with a significant other if I’m lucky to ever find one in this lifetime! (Wait, did you really think I’d post those here? 😂)

The thing is,  because I know how and why I choose to use a particular emoji,  the meaning I attach to each symbol may mean something completely different to someone else. So even if emojis are meant to add personality and emotion,  they can also be just as misunderstood as our written words. In effect,  nothing really replaces the actual ‘spoken’  word. Subtle nuances are lost in a text message and bad emoji translation can also cause quite a ruckus!

So here are my questions to you lovely people:
–  Which emojis do you use with friends?
–  Which do you use with significant others?
– Which do you use with family?
–  What do emojis mean to you?
a. Fun
b. Significant affection
c. Just decoration for your words or
d. Nothing at all

Would love to hear your feedback on this and as always thanks for stopping by. Best wishes now and always.


I never send emojis to business contacts. Perhaps a smiley face but that’s it. Anything more is just a big no no!

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