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Share the love…

We met at the glove aisle.
Well, it wasn’t an entire aisle, just a rack against a wall in a strategic location – – an after thought of sorts.

The rack was picked clean, and only the not so attractive items remained – – slim pickings on this frigid winter day.

You needed a scarf and gloves while I just needed gloves as my last pair were kidnapped by my eldest over the weekend. As I made my way through the fugly selection of women’s driving gloves and few faux leather men’s gloves, you approached and became visibly discouraged by the remnants. You were immediately drawn to the gloves in my hand since they were thick and super comfortable so I’m pointed them out on the rack but noted they were for women. You didn’t believe me as they seemed so masculine. I agreed and encouraged you to get them instead.

There’s no way I’d be able to wear these without getting a few strange looks!

You agreed, but not without grabbing a pair and proceeding to search for the section with scarves.

Of course, the good stuff was gone and we both busted out laughing when you held up a fuzzy puppy dog scarf appropriate for a 5 year old but certainly not a grown up. You said,

Now that’s a bit too much. Think I’ll pass!

I agreed and you put it back and headed off in search of something more suitable as we bade each other farewell and Happy New Year.

What a laugh that was!

I had been busy and rushing all day with not much time to rest or have a proper lunch. And there I was with only 10 minutes to spare to find a pair of gloves to fight off this New Year deep freeze before plunging neck deep into my rush hour commute.

That moment of laughter turned my mood around and gave me a smile to last the whole sardine-packed, train ride home. I needed that laugh and it came just in time!

I’ve shared this little anecdote to remind us to:

Brighten someone’s day!
Share a smile
Or better yet
Share a laugh.
You never know
When your kind gesture
Would make all the difference.
Share the love…


Contents written: Jan 5 2016 | Copyright 2016 Moylom Enterprises


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When we come alive…

Here’s a bit of morning music to add motivation to start your day ☺

My favorite lines of this song:
… We carry on
… We are fine you and I
… We touch the sky when we ignite
… We are souls on fire
When we come alive

Song: “Switchfoot – When We Come Alive [Official Audio]”

Contents written: August 3 2016  |  Originally published: August 5 2016  |  Copyright © 2016 Moylom Enterprises

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Love him generously…


Tired —
He turns the key,  thankful to be home.
To rest his wary head but for a moment
Is his only thought.

His mate —
The queen of his heart, is home early.
She surprises him with hugs and kisses
And a meal fit for a king.

He eats —
His satisfaction shows in body and soul.
He adores his his darling bride
For she is his everything.

She leads —
He follows willingly.
She has drawn him a bath
To soak away the stress of his day.

At first —
He resists, deeming her gift not ‘manly’.
But he obliges his queen
For he hates to hurt her loving heart.

He soaks —
He is soothed and relaxed.
He rinses the suds away and so also goes
His stress,  down the drain.

He reflects —
He is pleased and also amused.
He utters, “Perhaps ‘manly’ men
Take baths after all!”

She smiles —
She leads him to their bed.
“Perhaps my ‘manly’ man
Would like a massage?”

He’s thrilled —
“I’d love that sweetheart,
How thoughtful you always are!
You certainly know how to please me.”

She blushes —
She makes him comfortable.
Her delicate hands soothe him well.
His muscles, once tight, are now relaxed.

He stretches —
He is pleased and thanks her profusely.
He kisses her caring hands
And caresses her cheek.

He dozes —
She kisses him tenderly.
“Rest now,  my love,
For you’ve toiled long and hard today.”

She rises —
He rouses and takes her hand,
“Stay a while beside me,  my queen,
Hold me close to your soul.”

She chuckles —
Sweetly, she brushes his furrowed brow.
She kisses his tired hands
As soft music plays in the background.

She says —
“Anything for you,  my love,
Beside you I’ll stay, holding you close
As long as you need. ”

She stays —
She is his queen and he is her king.
He rests his head on her bossom
Snuggled close to her heart.

He’s aroused —
His queen knows exactly what to do.
And so she loved him generously
From evening until sunrise.

They talk —
Their conversations are endless.
They thrive on each other’s words.
They speak a language many don’t understand.

Their love —
It transcends all others.
Friends, soul mates, lovers and more.
Together they soar as their love comes alive.

Song: “I Choose You”, Sara Bareilles

Contents written: July 14 2916  |  Copyright © 2016 Moylom Enterprises


Fell off the wagon…

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They fell off the wagon —
At least that’s what everyone thinks,
But who are they kidding,
They didn’t fall, they jumped!

She saw his face,
Her eyes lit up,
Her face glowed,
Her heart skipped a beat,
It was all electric… She blushed.

His lips, his eyes,
His voice, his smile,
His essence, his charm,
His humor, his intelligence,
It was all terrific… She was floored.

He saw her face,
His eyes were glued to her.
He wanted her in every way.
He was not shy in letting her know.
It was his one chance!

The wagon of friendship,
The one they tried to ride in earnest,
Is now miles ahead without them.
They humbly admit defeat but solemnly vow
To get back on that wagon — they must!


Contents written: July 8 2016  |  Originally published: August 11 2016  |  Copyright © 2016 Moylom Enterprises