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Take my hand…


Take my hand
As we stroll
Into many beautiful
Sunsets together…

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New Year’s Eve



Wishing you all
A safe and wonderful
New Year’s Eve.

May your hearts and lives
Be filled with love and happiness
In the coming months.

Best wishes &  Big hugs



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We’re not meant to be alone

The world has so many people
Yet many of us still feel alone.
It’s time to build bridges,
Make connections,
Repair broken relationships,
Extend a hand of love and friendship.

Cherish today.
Live in the present.
Give love.
Be open to receive love.
In order to receive it,
You must first believe you deserve it.



Song: “Luther Vandross – A House Is Not A Home”


Contents written: September 14 2016
Originally published: September 14 2016
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My body


Dinner is over
But here I still sit
Unable to move
I’m tired…
My body aches
For the touch
Of a healing hand.

I haven’t been to the gym
Since the summer heat began.
I have trouble breathing when it’s too hot —
I feel depleted easily — lightheaded.
Aware that the heat is my enemy,
I make a conscious effort to
Taking things slow —
I must listen to my body.

Perhaps that’s why I ache;
Perhaps things are seizing up again;
Perhaps I’m slowly undoing
All those months of physical therapy —
All those months of healing at the gym.
I need to do my stretches,
Even if I’m not hustling to the gym —
I need to make the time — I know better.
My body needs attention.

Then I’m struggling with side effects
Of new medication.
Isn’t it funny how a fix for one thing
Breaks something else?
This also leaves me feeling depleted —
I’m not feeling myself.

But wait, I’ve had a headache all day,
Now I feel chilly and achy.
What if I’m getting sick?
What if I’m catching
That little bug from munchkin?
Oh gosh, I have no time for illness now!

I’ll have to self-medicate,
But what I really need is balance.
I need rest, nourishment, healing.
My body aches
For the touch
Of a healing hand.

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Sweet love…

Touch me,
In only places you can
With your Mercy and Grace.

Anoint me,
From head to toe
With your Wisdom and Understanding.

Hold me,
So close to you
That I may behold your Beautiful Soul.

Fill me,
With Abundant Joy
That I have never known.

Take my hand,
And be my guide
For it’s You Alone I trust.

Take my heart,
Guard and Cherish it forever
For you are The Only One who can.

Love me,
Like I’ve never been loved before
For you are my Lord,  My Savior, My Everything!

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