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My body


Dinner is over
But here I still sit
Unable to move
I’m tired…
My body aches
For the touch
Of a healing hand.

I haven’t been to the gym
Since the summer heat began.
I have trouble breathing when it’s too hot —
I feel depleted easily — lightheaded.
Aware that the heat is my enemy,
I make a conscious effort to
Taking things slow —
I must listen to my body.

Perhaps that’s why I ache;
Perhaps things are seizing up again;
Perhaps I’m slowly undoing
All those months of physical therapy —
All those months of healing at the gym.
I need to do my stretches,
Even if I’m not hustling to the gym —
I need to make the time — I know better.
My body needs attention.

Then I’m struggling with side effects
Of new medication.
Isn’t it funny how a fix for one thing
Breaks something else?
This also leaves me feeling depleted —
I’m not feeling myself.

But wait, I’ve had a headache all day,
Now I feel chilly and achy.
What if I’m getting sick?
What if I’m catching
That little bug from munchkin?
Oh gosh, I have no time for illness now!

I’ll have to self-medicate,
But what I really need is balance.
I need rest, nourishment, healing.
My body aches
For the touch
Of a healing hand.

Contents written: August 1 2016  |  Originally published: August 2 2016   | Copyright © 2016 Moylom Enterprises

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Feeling edgy today…


Happy Monday folks!
Woke up feeling well rested and pretty awesome. I’m usually off to a slow start on Mondays but today I’m feeling a little edgy!

I’ve played this song at least 4 times already at the gym so it definitely pushed my workout into high gear. I’m truly full of joy today so I’m simply sharing some of with you all.

Have yourselves a fabulous day!


Song: “TobyMac – Til The Day I Die (feat. NF) (Audio)”

Contents written: April 25 2016 | Originally published: April 25 2016  | Copyright © 2016 Moylom Enterprises


Mad dash…

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I ran a marathon last week!
Well, no I didn’t,  but it certainly felt like it! Sunday was the birthday party, Monday to Thursday was busy, busy, busy! I was on fire and operating at maximum output, #Push.

However, I woke up Friday morning, thinking it was Saturday, only to discover a half hour later it was indeed Friday! Color me screwed!!!!

It went something like this…

5:30 wake up

I’m already an hour behind schedule. I’m gonna have to skip a few things

6:15 showered, dressed, and making breakfast

Nothing fancy, just whatever’s fast. Coffee, bread with peanut butter, few spoons of Oatmeal (no time to finish the whole cup), vitamins.

6:45 wake munchkin, get her to the table

Chocolate milk, vitamins (her real breakfast is at school, 8am, before class starts )

7:10 Done with dishes, get munchkin rinsed and dressed, fast.

Munchkin not cooperating. SHE ALWAYS DOES THIS WHEN WE’RE LATE. ARRGGG!!!

7:35 Dash down the stairs to walk the dog.

We’re really supposed to be heading to the bus stop. Cutting it way too close (bus to the train = two-fare zone)

7:42 Dash to the bus stop

There’s only one person. Seems we’ve already missed the 7:45. No sign of the 7:50 bus in the distance. Gonna have to take a cab or munchkin will be late.

8:07 Only 3 mins before the class door closes. Yes, we made it!

8:15 At the gym.

Only have time for a 30 min. workout. (10 mins abs, 20 mins high intensity [level 12] on the elliptical machine, 10 mins to change, 5 mins to run back to munchkin’s school )

9:00 Dashing back to munchkin’s school. Seated by 9:06

100 Days of School celebration, Black History Month celebration, Family Friday, Read to munchkin’s class… I volunteer for this once per month (celebrations ran long, decided to cancel the story reading, her teacher agreed, kids were tired)

11:30 Grocery shopping

1:30 Back home. Starving! Unpack groceries. Quick lunch.

2:00 pm Exhausted. Need a nap.

4:30 Cooking dinner

5:45 Dishes washed, kitchen cleaned, dog fed.

6:00 Dashing out the door to pickup munchkin from daycare (afterschool). Take trash and recycling on the way out.

7:30 pm Back home, dog walked, dinner, dishes.

9:30 pm showered and in bed, a bit of reading.

Had I not napped I’d be in dreamland instead of reading (and writing this post). Tomorrow, Saturday, I rest ALL DAY. It’s my ritual. (Six days shall I labor but rest on the seventh as per God’s instructions in Genesis Chap 1)

So, you good folks, that was my Mad Dash week in review, how was yours? Thanks as always for reading.


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Back in the saddle!

Image source: Original photo by Moylom Enterprises

I’m back in the saddle, folks! Burning calories, feeling great, pushing new boundaries, trying new machines, and achieving new milestones.

I trekked to the gym in all that slush Monday after #WinterStormJonas and was greeted by the regulars tenacious enough to be there before my usual 8am arrival. It felt great to have somewhere to go to be inspired, motivated, challenged, and most of all healthy!

I’ve made a few changes to my schedule for this month (February), since for the last couple months I’ve been playing a cruel game of catchup at which I was losing miserably.

Here’s the plan:
I’m dedicating Mondays to work from home (office duties) and the rest of the week to field activities. If this proves to be successful I will:
– get the extra rest I need while systematically vanquishing my paperwork pile.
– get 3 substantial workouts in per week to maintain my fitness goals
– get to tackle other tasks around the house that usually get crammed into the weekend
– have more time with munchkin for homework during the week (since I won’t need to multitask by squeezing in chores) and more time for fun on the weekends (I think… We’ll see!).

I’ve also made some changes to my diet of which I’m already seeing great results.

Change #1: Less sugar:
I’m reading labels more meticulously now. I did before when monitoring Trans fats, quality of ingredients and calories, but now I’m zeroing in on sugar and other sweeteners.
I read an article recently about sugar consumption and how addictive it can be, even more so than cocaine. I was aware of most of the info before but saw some things in a new light. Here’s the link if you’d like to read for yourself [https://yesroanne.wordpress.com/2016/01/28/how-to-detox-from-sugar-for-good/]
Long story short, I’m a sugar addict and I need to cut back so I’m making a valiant effort to do so.

My first effort is to swap sugar for molasses in my coffee. I drink 3 cups per day, and I prefer milk and sugar as my taste buds can’t handle it black (at least not yet). The only way to do no sugar is if I use half n half but that won’t work long term since I’m having issues with dairy based milk which I’ll explain later.

So far, I’ve tried honey, and other artifical sweeteners but can’t handle the weird aftertaste. Surprisingly, molasses delivers a better result that would allow me to still truly enjoy my coffee habit. Win-win!

I’ve also cut down on the amount of sweet snacks I bring into the house. Munchkin loves cookies and marshmallows so I still get those. But instead of 2 bags each, I now buy one bag each and cut the serving portions in half. In addition I’m stocking up on more fruits, yogurt, nuts and other high protein, high fiber foods which will keep us full longer while providing better nutrition.

Change #2: I’m switching from Lactose-free milk to non-dairy milk
I discovered my Lactose intolerance years ago and had switched to alternative milks like lactaid, soy or almond with wonderful results. But lately, it seems I’m also developing an intolerance to lactaid milk. When on it, I break out frequently, when off it, things seem to settle a bit. I’m beginning to wonder if I’m allergic to dairy on a whole? My only other sources of dairy are eggs, cheese and yogurt, which are consumed sporadically since they are very expensive of late and I only purchase them when there’s a sale (got to stretch that dollar you know?). So this brings me back to the lactaid milk, which is the one constant dairy item in the he house rain or shine.

Mom has been harping for years that I need to get off dairy, that it might be what was causing my horrible allergies,  but I never listened. I just assumed I was allergic to my dog or something else in the house or just pollen. But the minute I switched to lactaid milk, my allergies stopped and I no longer had to take a daily allergy pill to settle my constant sneezing and itching. Huh! How in the world am I to admit to her she was right? There’s no way I’m giving her this victory! Why? Are you kidding me? Because she’ll think she’s been right about EVERYTHING ELSE she EVER urged me to do !!! Oh no, this victory is going with me to the grave. 😀

But seriously, I’m now exploring what it means to be Vegan and if that is a path to better health I can maintain successfully. (If you’re vegan, feel free to shoot me any advice you may have about your process, thanks! ) or if I simply need to avoid dairy as it seems I have a dairy allergy.

Well, that’s all for now folks. I’m making progress, and I’m thankful for the many blessings the gracious Father has chosen to bestow upon me. I’m also a thankful for your support as I journey to better health.

Blessings to you as well. Thanks for stopping by!


The following song describes my feel-good mood this week and will put a little pep in your step too. Enjoy 😀


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Making Progress

So I now have a few gym visits under my belt since an unforeseen change in my schedule freed up a few extra days. I’ve even had my 30 minute free session with the personal trainer and was quite pleased with her knowledge since she also has some physical therapy training. The key ingredient though, was that she LISTENED!

Before we did a single activity she asked what I hoped to accomplish and I was able to explain my history with back pain and my experience at physical therapy. She did a rough draft of what I should focus on to continue with the progress I’d made so far, and then we did our 30 minutes. Of course we talked some more afterward, because any trainer worth his/her salt would want to lock in a customer for future business! But that’s not the point! If I had the cash, I would happily pay for her services because she was thorough and knew her stuff. She totally gave me a good workout in those 30 minutes and at the end showed me new ways to stretch all the muscles simultaneously. Best stretch ever!!!!


making progress
Image source: Yahoo images (buzzle.com)


I may eventually purchase a few sessions with her as a Christmas gift to myself! We’ll see…

Hope your holiday season is happy and safe.

Best wishes,



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So my first day at the gym (Nov 23 2015) was a smashing success! And by smashing I mean: why did all those machines attack me? Omg, everything hurts! OUCH!!


Image source: Google images


I deliberately focused on parts of the body that weren’t being targeted in physical therapy as I aim for a total body workout, and today, I’m paying the price for my bad judgement reaping the benefits of my brilliance! Yeah, I’m walking funny! Don’t laugh. But as they say,


Image source: Google images


Physical therapy has ended and my follow up visit to the Rehab doctor ( Nov 20 2015) gave me the green light to proceed to the gym, but with caution, to prevent further injury.

There were no personal trainers available at 8:30am for my startup 30 minute free session so I proceeded slowly as warned. It’s been ages since I’ve been a member of any gym (8 yrs) so it took me a while to figure out some of the newer machines I’d never seen before. I did okay, eventually, and 2 hours later I had worked up quite a sweat and had the sore muscles to prove it.

For now my schedule will only allow one visit per week, as was the case with physical therapy, but I’ll do the doctor recommended muscle strengthening exercises at home in between until I can fit in more days at the gym.


Image Source: Google images (whyIexercise.com)


So here’s to excruciating pain and wishing for death feeling the burn and loving it!

Happy Holidays!!!


Note: Image 1 to 3 source: Google images

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