Picture Poetry

He spoke


The man who never said a word.
The man who only smiled.
The man who’s silence I found unsettling.
He finally spoke.

He thanked me.
He seemed sincere.
He told me I’d be missed.
He gave me a big hug.

I didn’t think he cared.
I didn’t think he paid attention.
I didn’t think he’d notice my absence.
I was dumbfounded.


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The Unsettling Silence



He enters the room.
He says little or nothing.
His smile seems fake — always.
I often wonder what he’s thinking.
He may just be a man of little words
Or simply a man who is slow to trust.
Either way,  his silence is unsettling.


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Missing Nina


Clenched in her fist
She held the red pendant
Given to her
By her best friend Nina.

The memories of
Their childhood fun together
Flooded her mind endlessly.
She was motionless.

How sad to think
Her best friend was now gone!
Such a beautiful spirit.
Such an independent soul.

The funeral was just 2 hours away.
She still had no clue what to say.
A eulogy? How inappropriate!
Nina visits her all the time.

They sit and talk and laugh for hours.
To her, Nina was very much alive.
How does one speak of someone
Who is alive as if they were dead?

“Mary honey, it’s time to go say goodbye…”
“OK mom, I’ll be right there!”
Mary walked into the chapel
And stood at the opening of the casket.

There, in a beautiful pink dress,
Laid her childhood friend.
Leaning in close,
Mary kissed her cheek.

Then, she whispered in Nina’s ear,
“How do I speak of you
Without using the phrase
I see dead people?”


There was a knock on the door…


Mary, you’ve been
locked in there for ages.
Please let me in?
Can we please take about this?
Mary please let me explain?


Mary had been crying for so long that she drifted off to sleep. She hadn’t thought about her friend Nina much since she left Missouri. She needed to get away from her problems for a while. Perhaps it was time to pay Nina’s grave a visit.


[ This is Part 15 of a series entitled “Agony of Love”. Stay tuned for Part 16. See previous installments here.]

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The confession



Honey, you were tossing
and turning all night.
Seems you didn’t
sleep much at all,
what’s wrong?

Work was rough yesterday.
There’s a huge issue
which needs to be
resolved quickly
or it can cost us.

Is it a confidential issue?
I’m always happy to listen.
Perhaps I can offer
a fresh perspective!

Just out of curiosity,
if you had to choose
another state to live
where would you want to go?

Umm, I’ve never
given that much thought.
There are many places
I’d love to visit,
but I never imagined
leaving Boston.

I moved here
for a better opportunity
that wasn’t available in Missouri.
I guess if I had to move
it would be where I’d get
the security I’ve found here.

I don’t know…
New York maybe?
Why are you
asking about moving?

It’s because of something
Mr. Radford said
in our meeting yesterday.

You’re being
awfully mysterious Jack.
Is there something
you’re not telling me?

Actually, yes,
I have a confession…
There’s something
you need to know.


Jack retrieved
the recording device
from his briefcase,
placed it on the table,
then pressed play.

As she listened,
Mary became red
as tears filled her eyes.
She was livid
and disappointed.

She had warned him
she would not tolerate
being made to look like a fool.
She had warned him
of the dangers of flirting!


Jack, you told me this was over!
You told me you fixed this!


Mary left the room in tears,
she couldn’t believe
Jack’s silly games were now
turning their lives upside down.


[ This is Part 14 of a series entitled “Agony of Love”. Stay tuned for Part 15. See previous installments here.]

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The Meeting Continues…



Jack’s jaw dropped
as he fumbled to find
the chair behind him.
He thought for sure
his plan would work.

He thought with all
this evidence against Carol
she’d be fired for sure!
He underestimated her…

He sat for a few minutes
in Mr Radford’s office
completely speechless.
He didn’t want to ask
too many personal questions
but he needed to know
a few things to decide
how to proceed.

Sir, with all due respect,
why can’t you just
report this to headquarters?

Mr. Radford:
Jack, I’ve been
with this company for 29 yrs.
I’m set to retire in seven.
I tried to fire her,
and she threatened
to report me to HR
and headquarters
for inappropriate conduct
in the workplace.

She wanted me
to have a relationship
with her and I refused.
She called my wife
and told her to speak to me
about flirting or she’d report me
to headquarters.

My wife was livid
and threatened to divorce me.
I got a recording, just like you,
to prove to my wife
I was being set up.

My wife suggested that
I take the recording
to headquarters
to protect myself
and save my job.

Jack, my meeting
at headquarters
ended just like
our meeting did today.
She’s got her hooks
in Crabwell too!

Oh my god, sir!
That’s insane!

Mr. Radford:
Yeah, insane isn’t even the word!
Jack, I’ve worked really hard
for this company.
I have a family.
I ‘need’ my retirement packet!
It’s too late for me to start over now.
Not when I’m so close to the end!

How am I supposed
to explain to my wife
that I lost everything
over a minor indiscretion
with someone half my age?

I was just like you Jack,
I just flirted a bit with her
and this is what happened!

I thought I was
just having a bit
of harmless fun…
now I can lose everything!

Geez sir, I had no idea!
So what are you saying?
Should I just play along
with what Carol wants?
Or should I tell Mary everything?

Mr. Radford:
That’s up to you, Jack.
You’re still young.
If Mary is the one for you
I suggest you tell her
and get the heck out of this town —
start fresh somewhere else.

I can always give you
a glowing reference.
You’re excellent at your job!
I may be your only help
if you act fast.
There’s no telling who else
Carol has ‘in her web!

If you choose to stay here,
Carol can make things
very unpleasant,
and I have a feeling
Mary won’t stick around
if she’s forced to deal
with a mess like this.
She’s young, beautiful, smart,
and certainly she’ll look
for someone else.

Yes sir, you’re right…


[ This is Part 13 of a series entitled “Agony of Love”. Stay tuned for Part 14. See previous installments here.]

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The Meeting



There was a knock on the door…


Mr. Radford:
Come in Jack,  close the door,
you’re right on time!
I’m all ears,
what did you want to discuss?

Good morning sir.
Well first,  there’s something
I need you to listen to…

Mr. Radford:
Okay, let’s have it!


Jack retrieved a tiny recording device from his pocket and pressed play…

Mr. Radford listened intently,  then sunk backward into his oversized office chair as he slowly spun to face the window behind him.


Mr. Radford:
Jack, Jack, Jack…

Yes sir, I know how this looks
but nothing happened with her.
I flirted a bit, but she took it seriously
and now she’s making a mess of things.

She even put a note in my pocket
which Mary found.
I tried to clear things up to save my relationship with Mary,
but Carol has another agenda here!

I can’t lose my job over this,
and I’m not gonna lose Mary either.
I’m bringing this to you
because she needs to be stopped.


Mr. Radford sighed heavily as he slowly spun his chair ’round to face Jack.


Mr. Radford:
Jack, this is quite a mess you’re in,
but I’m sorry, there’s nothing I can do!
You see, Jack, I’m just like you,
she’s got me too!


[ This is Part 12 of a series entitled “Agony of Love”. Stay tuned for Part 13. See previous installments here.]

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The Plan


Jack was happy Mary came home
but he still had his mess to clean up.
He had to talk to Carol, he had a plan!


The following day…


Good morning Carol.
Can I talk to you for a minute?

Of course Jack,
I will always make time for you!


They stepped into a small, vacant conference room and Carol shut the door.


So what’s on your mind Jack?

Well, I thought a lot
about our last conversation
and I’m not comfortable
with this little game you’re trying to play.

I love my girlfriend
and I can’t have a relationship
with you just because
you won’t take no for an answer.

See, Jack, that’s where you’re wrong.
I always get my way,
that’s how it’s always been
and that’s how it’s always going to be!

I’ve made ‘bigger’ men than you
crumble like a broken statue.
You, my dear Jack,
are ‘a walk in the park’.

Try to resist me
or try to get me fired
and you’ll never work
in this town again!

So, my sweet Jack,
when do we go on our first date?
Do you have a special place in mind?
I’m dying to get all dressed up!

You’re unbelievable, Carol!
Clearly your out of your mind!
So this is what you do?
Blackmail guys for the fun of it?

Oh, not just guys, their wives too.
Everyone has to be on board Jack,
then it’s really fun!
So Jack, are you ready for a little fun?

Omg Carol, you’re insane!
I have a meeting.
We’ll discuss this later.
I can’t believe you’re such a lunatic.

Be nice Jack,
don’t make me report you to HR.
Such language is not tolerated here,
the word harassment comes to mind.

Unscheduled meetings
in the conference room
are frown upon too.
They’d be curious about our rendezvous!

Geez Carol! I’m done.
I have to get back to work.
See you around.
You’re unbelievable!

Jack exists and checks his watch.
His 10 am meeting is in 5 minutes.
He needed to get ready…

[ This is Part 11of a new series entitled “Agony of Love”. Stay tuned for Part 12. See previous installments here.]

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