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The things that hurt —
The things we want to say
But know we can’t
For those to whom
We must tell these things,
Will most likely not want
To hear our words.
So we hold our tongues,
Pretend all is well,
And try to live normal lives
All while keeping these things buried.

But our journals know;
Strangers know too!
For should we not speak these things at all
Their potent presence in our souls
Would cause them to erupt
At moments least expected.
So speak we must
Before these things consume us
But not to the ones
To whom they pertain,
For to them these things
Will open enormous ‘cans of worms’,
So perhaps they must indeed stay buried.

Contents written: December 13 2015  | Originally published: July 28 2016  |  Copyright © 2016 Moylom Enterprises